View Full Version : A promising life worth saving at 33

Turdi Ghoja
28-10-05, 19:48
This appeal for help has been flashing around for some days now. Everybody seems to want help these days. But, who has extra cash sitting around after those never ending bills and mortgage payments or rents? Even if we do, we have parents, relatives and friends back home for whom $100 goes a long way. So, I did not read beyond the title of this newest appeal for some one named Kurban Turdi. But, it has been a slow day in the office today. So I read it to take a break from the technical papers for my work.

As it turned out, he is not just somebody, he is somebody and somebody that I should know through his work. I watched some of his movies and might have listened to his songs as well even though I cannot be sure. But, that is not what got my attention. Honestly, I did not like his movies. In fact, I do not like most movies from back home, because most of them have invariably sad stories (yes, our people are suffering as we all know, but, come on, there is life beyond that). What impressed or rather touched me most is his unshakable determination to fight against great odds to change his destiny and how much he has accomplished with so little that he was given. In a sense, his life personified the struggles and national spirit of our people.

After reading his life story, I finally understood why those movies are sad. It is the only life he knows. He is a guy who is so determined to run away from the ill fate that has been following him from his childhood. But, the ill fate would not give him a break and finally caught up with him when he almost succeeded. As it stands now, his own life is by far the saddest story he has ever written. It would be such a pity if this would be the last story that we hear from him.

I may even like his movies now since I can make a better connection to them now. At 33, he is a true talent if I may judge him again. He may not be the greatest writer or composer, but he has impressed me with how much he has made out of his life. He has an inspiring warrior spirit, but, unfortunately, he is facing an enemy that is too big for him to fight alone. He has touched so many lives including ours, now it is our turn to ask ourselves,” should we touch his now? Would we like to see more of his movies and listen to more of his songs?"

Many of you receiving this email might be able identify with him in some ways. Like us, he is one of those few people who want to fight his way to somewhere in life. Only, he is not as lucky as we are today. Nonetheless, he has achieved no less than what we have. It is a life definitely worth saving and celebrating. We may be able to overturn his death sentence if we reach out as a community with our kind hearts in this holy month of giving. Websites like this can show their true values at moments like this by bringing the community together in a worthwhile fight like this. The best way to help him is by collecting money in each country separately and send him. Because it is easier for people to send a check to a person/persons (collectors) in the country they live in than wiring money to an account in China. We may even able to set up a PayPal account for people to pay their donation by credit card. Let's give a hand to this one.

We can donate our zakat to this person. Iptar gatherings can be used as fund-raising occasions. Fund-raising party featuring his movies is another way to raise fund for him. If each family donates a minimum of $20, we can easily raise $2000 in US, $1500 in Canada,

$1000 in Japan, $1000 in Australia, $2000 in Germany and $2000 in the rest of Europe, and ??? in Saudi Arabia. All we need is dedicated volunteer fund-raisers in each community. If I did not think this is an important opportunity for us to reinforce the national consciousness of our people I would not get involved like this. Not only can we save his life, we can also warm the hearts of our people through this international act of kindness (We have RFA to let our people to hear our voices). What do you think? I would like to hear from you.

Forgive me if you receive multiple copies.

Short bio of Kurban Turdi: He finished only 6th grade because of family hardship, yet against all odds he has become one of the most prolific and well-known songwriters, composers and writers of our time. He is only 33 years old and needs a kidney transplant to stay alive (kidney recipients live for long time)