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Uyghur qirindashlar manga Hoten qeghizining qisqiche tarihi kerek bulup qaldi bilidighanlar bolsa derhal uchur yetkuzup yollap qoyghan bolsanglar aldin rehmet

15-11-09, 14:46
桑皮纸sāng pí zhǐ (sang pi zhi)
Visiting fee not known. Location not known, but near Hotan

make paper by hand from the bark of mulberry trees. Since mulberry leaves are the only food of the silkworm, this is sometimes called Silk Paper.

this technique dates back more than 2,000 years. Most of the writing at ancient Niya was found on wooden tablets rather than paper because paper was more expensive at the time. Papermaking from mulberry trees was invented in central plains China in the second century BCE, though it was used as packing material at first and doesn't seem to have been used for writing until nearly a few centuries later.

For making paper pulp, the brochure says, in addition to mulberry bark, ingredients also include the ashes of the tamarisk, a hardy desert shrub, and the toghrak, the spreading or diversiform-leaved poplar, and boil it together with the bark.

A video was made in 1993 by Elaine Koretsky and Sidney Koretsky called 'Last Papermakers Along the Ancient Silk Road' about this paper-making family