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12-11-09, 06:20
bugunki yahooning hewerinikorung:
The World's Most Powerful People 2009
buningichide 1.obama 2.hujintao 3.puntin
hujintaoni digende tibetmesilsini yeziptu biraquyghur mesilsini

12-11-09, 06:30
hujinto togrisidiki baha

Paramount political leader of more people than anyone else on the planet; 1.3 billion Chinese, some 70% in their prime working years of ages 15 to 64 powering world's low-cost workshop, transforming nation.
Biggest buyer of U.S. debt avoided Chinese meltdown during financial crisis with massive stimulus package to encourage domestic spending.
"Coming-out party" at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games showcased young, modern, harmonious society; reality often quite different few political, religious, press freedoms; brutal suppression of Tibet; refusal to acknowledge Taiwanese independence.
Still, credible estimates have China poised to overtake U.S. as world's largest economy in 25 years although, crucially, not on a per-capita basis.