View Full Version : November 12th of our past Musteqilliq hatire kuningiz Qutluq bolsun !

11/ 12/ 1933 -1944
10-11-09, 09:49
By: Hajinur Uyghur

Freedom, Independence, life, we had all,
Mothers, fathers, and brothers, we had family,
Uighurs, people of Eastern Turkistan, we had identity.
Yes November 12th was the day of Independence.

We walked paths dripping with fresh blood,
We cleaned our land, our home with blood,
Blood dripped, life left the body, yet it was appealing,
We had what meant the most to us, we had Independence.

All our pasts, our great times, and depressions,
Our falls, our rises, our ways, our good deeds,
Our history were to be found in text, in words,
Words, words would preserve to our future.

We celebrated, we sang, danced, and more,
We spoke with our sweet native tongue,
We held our newborns in our own arms,
And we opened doors to our faith and prayed.

That was the Novembers of our past,
The times we were free, times we celebrated,
No, we no longer hold that independence,
But we do hold the will to hold it once more.

And this day and on we are ready,
like before to give all we have,
blood, lives, children, mind,
every thing we own for freedom.