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09-11-09, 14:06

09-11-09, 15:26
Sad for those Uyghurs. Anyway, they can't survive and may persecuted under chinese crucial rule. They fought like a man for themself and Uyghur's dignity and will die like a hero! Whatever chinese call them, I, a uyghur, believe they are heros. They demonstrated and died for other uyghurs! They fought aginst those Han invaders. I will pray for them, uyghur heros!

09-11-09, 16:23
No one invader is innocent! Whoever come with gun, or whoever supported by gun. The settled invader is still an invader! Like chinese fought aginst invader 60 years ago, Uyghur will fight those chinese invader untill no one invader left there.
Those 9 uyghur died, thousands of Uyghur will stand up! Fighting for justice and freedom! Uyghur will let those evil invaders can't sleep tight everynight until Uyghur recover their own country.

11-11-09, 02:11
60 years ago, China did not fought invader but invaded Manchuria, Tibet and East Turkistan.
Manchuria was gone and become 3 Chinese provinces, not became autonomous regions like Tibet and East turkistan etc. , which had their own army and govenment. Manchuria was the home of Manchu and Korea peoples in the history.