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China executes 9 Uighurs
Last Updated: Monday, November 9, 2009 | 8:27 AM ET Comments14Recommend16CBC News
China has executed nine Uighurs for participating in ethnic rioting in the country's northwest.

The China News Services, a state-owned outlet, reported Monday that the nine had been put to death recently, but no specific date was given.

The nine people were convicted on charges of murder and other crimes. Their sentences were recently reviewed by the Supreme People's Court, a requirement under Chinese law.

The rioting left almost 200 people dead in the worst ethnic violence to hit the country in decades.

Uighurs are an ethnically Turkic, predominantly Muslim group who make up the majority in the northwestern province of Xinjiang.

State media also said Monday that 20 people were indicted on charges in the deaths of 18 people amid the unrest in the province.

Protests started in early July in the provincial capital of Urumqi when demonstrators gathered to demand justice for two Uighurs killed in June during a fight with their Han co-workers at a factory in southern China.

The demonstration turned into a riot, as armed Uighur mobs clashed with police and passersby. They also set ablaze or otherwise damaged hundreds of vehicles, stores and street vendor stalls.

In response to the riot, hundreds of Han Chinese the majority ethnic group in the area rampaged through the city two days later with sticks and meat cleavers, looking for Uighurs and revenge.

The unrest then spread to other cities in the region.
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