View Full Version : Firansiye herbiysige kirishni halamsiz?

08-11-09, 08:52
firansiye herbiysige kirishni halamsiz?

firansiye herbiy qismigha qatnishish

essalam eleykum qerindashlar !

belkim bu toghurrisidi oqumlarni bilidighan kishilirimiz kop bolishi mumkin,shundaqtimu tehi bilmeydighan qerindashlirimizgha buni bildurush meqsitide bu temini yollidim.

1.bu firansiyening chet el girejdanligha chiqarghan mehsus progirammisi.(bashqa dovletlerde barmu yoqmu bilmeymen)
buningda peqet oghullarla qobul qilidu , yishi 30 yashtin towen bolishi shert qilinidu.beden sapasigha kelsek ,tezimlatqandin kiyin 16 heptilik aldin meshiqi bar, nawada shuningdin otkendin kiyin ,andin heqiqi herbiylikke kirish salahitige erisheleydu.peqet sizning beden sapayiningiz berdashliq berelisila herbiylikke kirishingizde chataq yok.

2.meship ehwali towendikiche.
16 heptilik meshiqtin kiyin ,fransining bir gazarmisigha berip meshiq elip berilidu, buningda her hil derijige bolinidu ,bu sizning deplomigingzgha qarap bolidu, sizning medeniyet sewiyeringiz qanche yuqiri bolghansiri sizning tallishingiz shunche kop bolidu ,tallashlar:tanka qismi ,topchilar qismi ,piyadiler qismi,ishqilip herbiy turning ichidiki her qandaq bir turge kirishke bolidu,( likin hawa armiyesi buning sirtidighu deymen ),buning da siz 2-3 yilghiche meship elip barisiz ,andin kiyin sizni bolushke bashlaydu, chet el eskerlirini asasen aldinqi sepke chiqirip koyidu we yaki BDT ning techliq saqlash qismigha ewetidu, u yerde heqiqi jengge qatnishisiz , elwette bumu bir qeder heterlik, likin kelgenlerdin anglishimche , u yerlermu anche heterlik emesken ,chunki bular paqet heliqnila qoghdighanliqi uchun , ulargha anche hewip kelmeydiken.

3.waqit we Teminat
buningda siz 5 yilliq tohtam tuzeysiz,besh yilda sizge ayda 1000-1200 yawroghiche pul beridu , hemde sizge bir huner ogutidu , meslen mashina ongshash , heydesh digendek , besh yildin kiyin sizge firansiye wetendashliqini beridu , uningdin kiyin siz her qandaq resturan ,ashxana , sherket qurush hoquqini allaysiz .

mining shexsi pikrim:
bizde <jeng kormigen oghul ,oghul emes>digen bir soz bar, buninggha qatnishishni oylighanlarning hegizmu oz menpetini millet menpeiti ustige qoyidighan heliqindaq aq nanchi tuzkorlardin bolishini halimaymen , hazir bir uyghur esker bar dep angliduk , likin iniq melumat yoq.
xeliqaraning biz bilen kari bolmidi , alwatte ozumizge ozumiz kuchumisek ,heqning kari bolmighidek. menche mushuni bizge allahning bergen bir pursiti dep oylisak qandaq bolar??????????

nawada qatnishishni halaydighanlar yaki tehimu kop ehwallarni bilishni halisingiz:




How to Join the French Foreign Legion
By eHow Contributing Writer
Article Rating: (24 Ratings)

No other military organization has the mystique of the French Foreign Legion. The men in white kepis have been glamorized on film, renowned for giving other men running from troubled pasts a chance for redemption, and revered for fighting till their last breath for their adopted homeland. Want to join them? Here is how to do it.

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Difficulty: Challenging
Things You'll Need:

* Passport
* French-English Dictionary
* French Visa If Required

Step 1

Make your way to one of the 11 information offices in France. These offices are located in Paris, Lille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Aubagne, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice, Perpignan and Toulouse.
Step 2

Present yourself to the recruiting officer and decide if you will use your real name or a declared identity. This last option is for those who wish to make a brand new start in life or for the French citizens who choose to join. Only foreigners are allowed to join the Legion.
Step 3

Submit to a preliminary background check. Although the Legion has a reputation for taking all who enlist, felons will not be permitted to join and will be turned away at this point.
Step 4

Report to either Paris or Aubagne for a medical check-up. Afterwards, finalize your recruitment dossier and sign an initial five-year service contract. This will take anywhere from one to three days.
Step 5

Complete a series of tests in Aubagne that can last anywhere from one to ten days. These tests cover medical examinations, physical agility assessments, personality and psycho-technical questionnaires, a security interview and an investigation into your motivation to join the Legion.
Step 6

Sign an unconditional five-year contract and begin training for the 4th Foreign Regiment in Castelnaudary. Your 15 weeks of instruction will include everything from Legion traditions to mountain training.
Step 7

Show up for duty in one of the ten different regiments scattered throughout the world. Six are in France, one in Corsica, two in Africa and one in South America to begin your contracted service.

08-11-09, 09:01
Tips For Joining The French Foreign Legion


How To Join The French Foreign Legion
Are you looking for a life of honor and adventure? Maybe you’re looking for a fresh start? If either one of these describe you, then you might be interested in learning how to join the French Foreign Legion.

Established in 1831, this unit within the French Army was created to be comprised of foreign volunteers (although French citizens are eligible) and commanded by French officers. Members learn valuable military skills, but qualities such as honor and fidelity are also highly prized.

Most of the members of the French Foreign Legion tend to come from Europe (especially France, Germany and Britain), but members from other countries often surge during periods of political crisis. For example, numerous recruits from Balkan and African countries have signed up in recent years.

In case you don’t know where to start, I’ve put together these tips for joining the French Foreign Legion. Follow them, and you’ll be embarking on a life of danger, excitement and honor.

Conduct Yourself With Honor

The French Foreign Legion values a life of honor above all others. In fact, each Legionnaire is required to know the Legionnaire’s Code of Honor by heart. If you’re thinking of joining the French Foreign Legion, you might as well start memorizing the following code:

* Article 1 - Legionnaire, you are a volunteer serving France with "Honour and Fidelity.”
* Article 2 - Each legionnaire is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his religion might be. You show to him the same close solidarity that links the members the same family.
* Article 3 - You respect your traditions and your superiors. Discipline and friendship are your strengths. Courage and honesty are your virtues.
* Article 4 - You are proud of being a legionnaire. You are always well mannered and smart. Your behavior is of the best. You are always modest and your quarters are always clean and tidy.
* Article 5 - You are an elite soldier who is rigorous with himself. You consider your weapon as your most precious possession. You constantly maintain your physical fitness.
* Article 6 - Your mission is sacred. It is carried out until the end, in respect of the law, the customs of war International Conventions, if needs be, at the risk of your own life.
* Article 7 - In combat, you act without passion or hatred. You respect vanquished enemies. You never surrender your dead, your wounded, or your weapons.

Travel To France

To join the French Foreign Legion, you’ll first need to travel to France. While travel and visa expenses will be the responsibility of the candidate, you will be given free lodging, food and clothing once you reach an application center for the Legion.

Centers can be found in the following cities in mainland France:

* Paris
* Lille
* Nantes
* Strasbourg
* Aubagne
* Bordeaux
* Lyon
* Marseille
* Nice
* Perpignan
* Toulouse

Keep An Open Mind

Joining the French Foreign Legion will put you in contact with people from all walks of life. Muslims and Christians will serve side by side, and this fraternity of the fighting man is what gives the Legion its strength.

During your time of service, you may be called upon to travel the globe and defend peoples of all possible nationalities. It is therefore important that you keep an open mind and demonstrate a willingness to assist those of differing ethnic, religious and geographical backgrounds.

During the last few decades, the French Foreign Legion has been deployed in the following locations and conflicts: the Gulf War, Kampuchea, Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Chad and the Ivory Coast.

Be Of Sound Mind And Body

The French Foreign Legion wants their men to be both strong of mind and strong of body. To assure this, applicants will be required to undergo both rigorous physical and psychological testing.

Once you become a member, you will be expected to maintain your physical conditioning at all times. Since the Legion can be sent to global trouble spots at a moment’s notice, constant mental and physical preparation is an absolute necessity.

Plan For The Future

Even if you don’t decide to make a career of the French Foreign Legion, you’ll learn numerous skills which can turn into a profession when you rejoin civilian life. Here are just a few of the career paths which are available:

* Secretary
* Data-processing
* Computer support
* Accountant
* Graphic designer
* Radio mechanic
* Telephone exchange operator
* Truck driver
* Bus driver
* Dredge driver
* Mechanic
* Electrician
* Welder
* Painter
* Gun repair
* Paramedic
* Physical education instructor
* Photographer
* Cook
* Musician

(NOTE: Men looking to continue their military service will learn skills such as machine gunner, sniper, tank driver, paratrooper, sapper, armored vehicle driver, anti-tank rocket launcher and much more.)

Leave Your Past Behind

While the French Foreign Legion does allow members to leave their past behind, there’s one fact which needs to be cleared up from the beginning of this section. While criminals may have been accepted into the Legion in the past, modern requirements seek to weed out all undesirable elements. To this end, background checks are performed on all applicants, and you must present a valid ID.

Once you are accepted, Legionnaires are required to enlist under a false name. French citizens will also be required to declare their citizenship as somewhere other than France. After completing a year of service, legionnaires can then choose to resume their true name (or keep their alias). All legionnaires will be enlisted as single, regardless of their marital status.

After three years of service (a minimum of five years is required), soldiers may apply for French citizenship (although they must do so under their true name). Those wounded in action may also apply for French citizenship under a provision known as “French by spilled blood.”

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# What are the age limits for Legion recruits?
The Legion's basic age requirements are 17-40 years old (Parental or legal tutor authorization is required for minors). Now in my day, in the 1970s, I joined very much under age, as no paperwork or ID were required. However, the Legion now requires applicants to hold a valid official identity card, so you have to be within the age limits. What's more, with competition now VERY tough, & with plenty of very fit East Europeans, anyone over 30 might have trouble being accepted. If you are over 30 but are extra fit & have suitable military experience, go ahead & try. But be prepared for a hard time!