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China's Wen Promises Greater Cooperation With Arab Nations


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China's Wen Promises Greater Cooperation With Arab Nations


Awu yuzsiz hezlekning gepige Mubarek ixinip kalmasliki uqun towendiki hetni Mubarek ependige ewetip bersek bolar idi .

UN : Human Rights of Uyghurs in East Turkistan(Xinjiang)


DISTRIBUTION: United Nations High Commissions on Human Rights Committee
6 November 2009

SUBJECT: Uyghurs of East Turkistan(Xinjiang,China)
SUBMITTED BY: The Republic of Turkey

DEEPLY CONCERNED about the human rights of the Uyghurs in East Turkistan who undergo "Genocide" by the People's Republic of China. East Turkistan is home to some 25 million Uyghurs who have been under China's occupation since the communist takeover in 1949. In the last 60 years China has been discriminating, murdering, and suppressing the Uyghurs and have reduced them to a minority in their own land.

FULLY AWARE of China's act against humanity, the United Nations has not taken action against them. We speak for Uyghur and Tibetan human rights. Millions of people are being suppressed by the ruthless policies of the Chinese People's Republic. The United Nations has refused to speak out against China's genocide of the Uyghurs even after the "July Riots: that led to the deaths of thousands of innocent Uyghurs and the mass arrests of tens of thousands of Uyghur men.

TAKING NOTE that China has imposed a military lock-down on the region and refuses the Uyghurs to have any type of communication to the outside world. China has and is still using the "War on Terror" to suppress the Uyghurs. By denying them the basic human rights, such as religion, language, culture, and population growth. According to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region's official laws anyone under the ages of 18 cannot enter a mosque,church, or any other places of worship. The Uyghurs are denied to speak and educate their youth in their history, language. China has imposed the bilingual law to assimilate the Uyghurs, even though it promises to teach Uyghurs in both Uyghur and Chinese, the promises are not carried out. According to human rights and the world census bureau China has forcefully aborted 7.4 million Uyghur babies in the last 15 years.

OUTRAGED by China's continuing genocide of the Uyghurs in East Turkistan(Xinjiang) and keeping it under military lock down for over four months. China has also moved an extra 400,000 battle-ready troops and armored vehicles to "keep stability" in East Turkistan. According to Amnesty International and other human rights agencies, China has tightened its grip on the restive region and vowed to execute anyone who poses a "threat" to the peace. They have labeled many Uyghur human rights movements and figures as "terrorists", "separatists" and "Islamic radicals", the most famous figure on this list is Rebiya Kadeer, the president of the UyghurAmericanAssociation and World Uyghur Congress. She has been accused of instigating the "July Riots", this however we know is not true.

REALIZING that if the United Nations does not take immediate action against this genocide, and China's atrocities against humanity, the PRC may be able to succeed in their fully assimilating and destroying the Uyghur region and its people. According to 2003 Chinese official censuses the Uyghurs make up 45% of the total population in East Turkistan(Xinjiang) while the Han Chinese make up 46%, the Uyghurs are being displaced and are now a minority in their own land. Last year according to various human rights agencies, 600,000 unmarried Uyghur women aged 15-25 were deported into eastern parts of China to be used in factories as slaves and even forced into prostitution. The Chinese government supports and even forces Han Chinese to migrate into East Turkistan to resettle the region.

UNDERSTANDING that the United Nations must take immediate action to preserve/protect the rights of endangered nations,tribes,peoples,etc.. against the threat of Genocide and assimilation.


1. The United Nations High Commission on Human Rights create a committee to overlook the treatment and preservation of endangered nations and peoples.

2. The United Nations speak out against China and demand fully autonomy or even Independence for East Turkistan(Xinjiang).

3. Trade embargoes and/or other sanctions will be enacted to any country who is mistreating people/minorities and/or resettling their occupied territories.

4. The United Nations will appropriate money to aid the Uyghurs and other endangered nations and/or establish a East Turkistan Government in Exile.

5. If China continues to suppress the Uyghurs, the United Nations and NATO will send in peacekeepers to oversee the protection of the Uyghurs and Tibetans.

6. The United Nations demand China to withdraw peacefully with its military/political forces out of East Turkistan and Tibet and grant them Independence.


08-11-09, 14:08
Currently, China is using the 'soft power' ourside toward the west and Arabs, and 'hard power' inside toward Uyghur and Tibet. Kind of cheating, oh?