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Kahar aka bolsa waktingizni nowettiki mundak jiddi ehwallargha serp kilghan bolsingiz.

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Kahar aka bolsa waktingizni nowettiki mundak jiddi ehwallargha serp kilghan bolsingiz.
Uyghurchigha yaki Engilischigha terjime qilip qoysanglar boptiken..

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Uyghurchigha yaki Engilischigha terjime qilip qoysanglar boptiken..

Tribe on the World Wide Web "missing" the CPC to cover up the genocide

July 5 this year, tens of thousands of Uighurs in Xinjiang, Urumqi, held demonstrations to protest the injustice of the Shaoguan event handling, the results force the authorities in Xinjiang have been suppressed. It is reported that tens of thousands of Uighurs have been machine-gun fire killed and wounded. Chinese authorities claimed that only 184 people were killed, thousands injured, and strongly blocked Urumqi, network communications, to prevent the international media into the local interviews. However, from July 5 to date just three months, there have been news, up to tens of thousands of Uygur people were arrested, and then disappeared, and their loved ones are unable to find their whereabouts. Some analysts believe that the Chinese Communists are trying to hide the number of casualties and wantonly arrested and enforced disappearances, in order to cover up its Uighur people committed genocide.


International Human Rights Watch October 21 issued a report calling on the international community to an independent investigation Uighur people have been arrested by Chinese troops missing after the incident. The report titled: "We did not even dare to look for them: the violence in Xinjiang after the end of enforced disappearance", in this 44-page report, documented in detail some time and place of testimony.

The report is based on the Human Rights Watch investigators after the incident in Xinjiang 7.5 made at the information collected. These surveys to investigate dozens of residents in Urumqi, including the Uygur people and Han Chinese residents as well as a number of witnesses.

Human Rights Watch Asia director Adams (Brad Adams) 25 Ri acceptance of our station in an interview with European journalists, Anna said:

"We have done a lot of work into contact with many people, because the survey of security, we do not too much, but we do have very many very large kind of information."

According to Human Rights Watch survey, July 6, 2009 to 7 Day, Chinese police, armed police and the military conducted several large-scale search operation, place the two Uighur in Urumqi main neighborhoods: 2 Bridge and the racecourse. The search operation continued until at least mid-August.

The scene, witnesses said security forces cordoned off the entire neighborhood, looking for young Uighur men, and took possession of those who wound or bruising, or not at home when the people protest.

25-year-old Shigeru tamu Makhado (a pseudonym) and another 16 men at 19 o'clock on July 6 about being taken away by Chinese police after the "disappeared." His wife and another witness told Human Rights Watch, when about 150 police officers and armed police blocked the main streets of their neighborhood.

Another local resident Madina (Madina) to the Human Rights Watch confirmed that her 14-year-old brother went to his father in August between the way the store, was arrested by Chinese soldiers. At least five times her father went to the local police station for questioning the whereabouts of his brother, but the police always denied that the arrest of his brother on the list.

The report listed a 7.5 event, the 43 Uighurs were arrested by Chinese troops after being "forced disappearance" case. The report also said that these have been recorded in the total number of missing people may just tip of the iceberg.

Adams said: "We believe there are many other cases, but we do not have enough time to contact and investigation, we heard some stories, but we go to China is difficult to investigate because the Chinese government does not allow (for international organizations to enter China) Independent Investigation Many people tell us the story of the missing, but we do not have the chance to go 11 investigation. "

China's official figures, said the security forces detained and events related to the number of people have been more than a thousand people. Urumqi, however, disclose the name of a local Chinese officials told the UK Times, July 5 of 4000 people arrested that day.

World Uighur Congress, said a spokesman for Dilixiati 24, July 5 afternoon and evening by the Chinese authorities submachine gun fire killed and wounded tens of thousands of Uighurs, the incident, the PRC has also carried out the carpet of the local search and large-scale arrests, the number of missing has been as high as tens of thousands of Uighur people. These included not only men but also including women and children.

"We have feedback from all the news of the missing persons were arrested by Chinese Government announced the (digital) several times, but Human Rights Watch released only tip of the iceberg, 7.5 day of the incident so far, from the territory, including the 7.5 After the incident fled from the territory of China, give us a complaint, including special channels, there are other information obtained prior to October 1, which is 7.5 after the last few months, the missing persons have been as high as tens of thousands of people, that is, nearly ten thousand people are missing.

"We have been informed that not only the men had disappeared, and even the phenomenon of women have disappeared. Then after the incident, a local official declined to be named a Times reporter was Jiugen the United Kingdom said that the Chinese government has arrested the same day more than 4000 people, and the prison can not accommodate, will those arrested were placed in a local military warehouse, which was then the Times reporter in Urumqi from the local government a cadre of premises anonymity learned information, This is only July 5 day information. In the afternoon, the Chinese government began to use machine guns to fire, in the end led to the number of personnel were killed, how many people were injured, and even some of the wounded into the hospital out of the phenomenon has not yet recovered. but Uighurs All the wounded were forcibly taken to military hospital for treatment, the Uighurs into the rehabilitation of persons who no one out, so far. So how many of these hospitals to the local Uighurs wounded, so far from being the government formally arrested, including the Chinese government's data , including the data we have obtained, including this series of data can prove a point, 7.5 After the incident, Uighurs in Urumqi are nearly ten thousand people are missing, it is undisputed fact. "

Living in Australia, South Australia Adelaide's Uighur scholars snow Hop Pilates in Melbourne on the 17th, "Chinese Communist usurp state power 60 years Conference", revealed the little-known incidents in Xinjiang 7.5 bloody facts. Snow Hop Pilates said that in a live 30000 Urumqi Uygur people's racecourse, the power was cut off at night, people can only hear the voice of machine-gun fire. Just a few days of this racecourse has been wiped away.

"Urumqi has a racecourse, about 30000 people in such a place, July 5 at night, turn off the lights can only be heard after the gun, only to hear the bombing, extremely harsh. After the incident, 30000 people place have been bulldozed because it is playing off the lights, and no one knows how many people could this number will never be known. So, so many regrets in retaliation against the Chinese people as an excuse to slaughter regardless of woman, men, old, small head could not bear to everyone to see ... .... a lot of people are missing arms and legs broken, and not to the treatment. dead than alive, with trucks rolling into Rendui up, there is a way to put all detainees, because it can not Urumqi Customs people, put the evacuation to other places, to other parts of what problems will arise, so that the local Corps personnel Shangxing tortured prisoners, from those places out of a few Uighurs died a few days. I do not have the number of days slept, I might, if they feel if I had a conscience, I can not sleep. "

Dilixiati President pointed out that the Chinese Communists in the 7.5 case, not only the national security police deployed armed police, as well as the local garrison, regiment, as well as mainland China and other countries around the Yuan Jiang SWAT machine, the military nature of suppression of Uighurs, including carpet a large number of raids and arrests. Therefore, a large number of families of missing persons are unable to find 7.5 events missing loved ones, did not even know their loved ones in the end is which department seized.

Human Rights Watch in its report mentioned that all the surveyed Chinese Uighurs have been frightened by the official crackdown, they said they were afraid even to talk with their neighbors arrest situation, full of plain clothes or uniformed police officers In the patrol, they live around there are monitors to monitor their actions.

Outside the courage to reveal the true number of messages in Xinjiang are often in an interview after the mysterious disappearance. Dilixiati said that in Urumqi locally, there are many Chinese national security deliberately posing as reporters to interview Uighurs, and then arrested those Uighurs.

"The people now in fear of the reporters. Because the Chinese security agents posing as journalists in the local identity of the so-called journalists to conduct interviews with those Uighurs, leading to a large number of Uighurs to make a complaint, then through the complaints, the next day, The Uighurs of these complaints also disappeared. so now people are heard in the local press, people immediately think of national security staff. "

Dilixiati that illustrates the reasons for the disappearance of Communist China to the outside world has been subjected to hide Uighur fact that genocidal massacres.

"I think it does not rule out the possibility of missing a few points, first, in 7.5 after the incident and arrested a large number of personnel, and this government has been hiding the data, it is one; second, the military used in the day submachine gun fire, resulting in a large number of Uighurs died, the Government has so far to cover up acts of genocide; third, by the Chinese government after the seizure and arrest, custody were tortured, ill-treatment and the number of deaths, I believe that torture is torture at the local a very common phenomenon, it is likely through the torture, after the death in prison, the Government has never released the identity of these people, then in such circumstances, the missing persons in the local trace of hard to find him. "

Human Rights Watch cited the provisions of international law that when a country's agents detained a man and refused to recognize the detention of the person or not to disclose the whereabouts of this person, it made a "forced disappearance" crime. "Disappeared" people often face a high risk of torture or extrajudicial execution. Family members and friends experiencing constant anxiety and pain, because they do not know the detainee what had happened.

Adams said: "We hope that the Chinese Government to the disappearance into the legal system and court system, so that their families know their whereabouts, (to make this event) received official attention. We have no obligation to force the Chinese government, but wants a serious public Recognizing that their families are suffering from deep pain, they do not know what their loved ones what happened. "

Although the CCP's tight blockade message, but the Uighurs have been arrested and a large number of missing large-scale events or through different channels transmitted to the international community. World Uyghur Xinjiang, the General Assembly called upon the international community to conduct an independent investigation 7.5.

Dilixiati, said: "So the Chinese are always rejected, in charge of our reports, but one thing that the Chinese side alleged that our reports are distorted, then the Chinese side should not be afraid to enter the ground by the international community to conduct an independent investigation, we that the most objective can learn the most realistic data, the only way the international community to convince, not the capital of the published data, nor is the data published by the Chinese government is the need of the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation. "

Human Rights Watch also called on October 21 the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate, while urging the Chinese government to allow the event and its consequences for the Xinjiang an independent international investigation.

Adams said the United States, the European Union and China's other international partners should demand the Chinese government, "a clear account of the whereabouts of missing persons in Xinjiang."

Human Rights Watch, August 24 the Chinese ambassador to the United States had issued a letter calling on the Chinese government detained a number of Uighurs, the trial status and ethnicity as well as other details. However, the Chinese side did not receive any response.

A spokesman for the World Uyghur Assembly Dilixiati that the Chinese Communist massacres of Uighurs, has demonstrated that it has imposed on the Uighur people is horrible policy of genocide.

He said: "Beijing taken by the Chinese Communist regime is a policy of ethnic extermination, not only from the extinction of cultures and beliefs, and even by military means of the brutal suppression of Uighur people, thus to achieve the purpose of extermination."