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19-10-09, 05:25
137 Han Chinese and 46 Uyghurs were killed (not includes the Uyghurs killed since 8 July)according to the Chinese government. So far, 11 Uyghurs and one Han (if he is really executed!) have been given death sentence.

25.4% of the dead were Uyghurs. 91.7% of those given death sentence was Uyghurs.
75.7% of the dead were Han. 8.3% of those received death sentence was Han

Urumqi population: 70-80% Han; about 10% Uyghur.

I will keep updating this statistics.

(this statistics is free to be circulated)

I have statistics for job advertisements about the Uyghur/Han ratio for government organizations. You have it soon.