View Full Version : Uighurs Prepared to Protest In Uyghuristan But Prior Was Suppressed

02-10-09, 18:33
By Reuters October 2 (Associated Press reported that Wen Jing) Uighur Congress Standing Committee yesterday, intended to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang protests, but the action by the authorities in advance of repression, 26 ready to participate in demonstrations of young people arrested.

According to the World Uyghur Congress (World-dimensional Council) control message, yesterday morning at 8 am the armed police in Urumqi, Xinjiang liberation of South Road, Victory Road, Unity Road and Yan'an Road and other places, the arrest of 26 young people holding protest signs, they ready to Urumqi People's Square yesterday morning, the 60th anniversary celebration was held when Congress Standing demonstrations, slogans and content is in protest of racial discrimination. The authorities accused them of plans to disrupt the community, collecting the reactionary slogans.

A spokesman for the World-dimensional Dilixiati and quoted local sources in Xinjiang, said Xinjiang authorities to prevent the local Uighurs held at the 60th anniversary celebrations in protest when, early on September 30 late in the evening to start "protecting the city plans," mobilized tens of thousands of armed men began a blanket searches in Urumqi, the city set up 100 checkpoints, check the Uygur people's identity cards and bags, nearly 100 Uygurs person has been arrested, including people who have been sentenced and the re-education, as well as in several months ago, Urumqi "7.5" family members died in the incident, the authorities fear that they would participate in protest action.

Source: (http://www.dajiyuan.com)