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Bu nime tor beti, bilelmidim, qizziqip qaldim, bilidighanlar yezip qoyghan bolsanglar

Bu adresi echip korup yezip qoysanglar,http://www.pathways.se/




Current Projects



Pathways Publishing

Pathways Publishing wants to publish books with special focus on Central Asia. The purpose is to expose culture, history and the only way.

By buying these books, you make it possible for others to learn about XJ, the Uyghurs and Central Asia! Every penny, fen or cent goes straight into the translating ministry. Our hope is to make a number of the old books written by the Swedish workers in XJ around 1930, available in English and local languages. The translation of Habil into local languages will start shortly. Do you want to support these translations? At the moment we are working on translating “Your brother’s blood is calling” from Swedish to English. Please let us know if you want to keep getting updates on upcoming publications or support this ministry. Any feedback or input you may have is highly valued by us – we would love to hear from you!

hazidar Uyghur
20-09-09, 23:53
Hormetlik mekke ependi, bu christian mushriklirining wetinimizning jenubidiki tunji cherkaw we chirtian uyghur hekkidiki oydurma hikayisi asasida yezilghan chiristian murtlirining balilar kitabini Uyghurchigha terjime qilish ehwali we bu projekt ke pul iane qilish hekkidiki tor beti iken.

mezkur Mushriklarning kitabining Englishche nus`hisining ismi:

<<Patti And the Weegors--A girl in China discovers the love of God>> (Patigul we uyghurlar--Xitaydiki bir qiz Xudaning soygusini tapti). Aptori:Xiao Ciao (bu eniqki, bir xitay choshqisi)