View Full Version : China Says Xinjiang Bomb Plot Foiled

16-09-09, 14:14

16-09-09, 15:12
Stop making false news to fool your own people. No one believe it here outiside of the ccp propaganda zoon. The only purpose of ccp is to generate 'terro' atmosphere in order to continue another 20 years 'strike hard' on Uighurs. Shame on some Han, even said Uighur break the do not get punished. Let them being 'strike hard', they will undersatnd stike hard is a severe form of punish! Does 'strike hard' written in the law to benifit Uighur over Han?

Don't play this games anymore, fire player will burn themselves oneday!

Nobody believe the ccp chinese lie anymore. If Uighur realy need bomb to attack, all the gasolins in the gas stations would be easy to get, instead of 'making' and 'ploting'. A lighter would be more than needed to fulfill their 'plot', if there is a real one.

Yesterday is 'neddle'. I can stab myself and to get a free check up and compensations, why not? A high number of Uighur have also been stabed by others or by themselves, why you don't report their numbers too and give them a free check up too?

Today, is 'bomb', but you can't let people to bomb themselves.Try it again, most of the Han chinese have been angried with this game. Many have been beaten and killed by ccp in 7.5. If you do it again and kill more, a burn, the real plot form Han chinese that aginst you, will burn your-ccp self. Don't play the fire, don't fool the people, don't kill more, ccp!