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11-09-09, 17:47
Proceedings Against Uighur Spy in October
Photo: AP
Uighur protest in Urumqi, China in July this year

The legal proceedings against the 61-year-old Swedish-Chinese man arrested for spying on his fellow uighurs in Sweden will at the earliest start in the beginning of October, according to the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Cheif prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand tells Dagens Nyheter that the 61-year old knew very well what he was doing when he was spying on his countrymen for China. But the man's lawyer Björn Hurtig say his client has credible explanations for his actions.

At court proceeding, the 61-year old told the paper's journalist: "Someone is trying to nail me. You have to find out who."

The paper has also interviewed Kaiser Ozhun Abdurusul, chairman of the uighur section of the International PEN-club. His father was arrested in Kashgar in western China in May this year and presented with secretly taken pictures of his son and daughter-in-law in Sweden and told that if his son does not stop with his activities abroad, the family will never get a passport.

We will have more on this story, as it develops.