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09-09-09, 21:57
A captured syringe stabber turned out to be Han chinese wearing Uighur's cloth!

Many Uighur are beating to death by Han chinese, police and military guards!

Uighur guards were putted at the front line to face the Han demonstrator, they were attacted from behind (Han polices) not from the front!

Han Taxi driver murdering Uighur women passenger!

Han rumor said that the posions for stabing use were droped from USA army for the Uighurs to kill the Han!

Polices beaten the Uighur help seakers instead of protect them!

Kazahk were beaten to death by Han as well!

The Han demostrators solagans include 'Kill all the Uighurs'!

Information from:

They killed many many Uighur in 7.5, but just took pictures of wounded Han for propaganda.
The next step, what is the next step? The genocide! Fate of all 'minorities' in China is the same. If you know the chinese history, you would knew it. If the international still belive in Chinese official propaganda, without investigation, the murdered Uighur might exceed 911. After many appeal from the Uighur's right group, the indifference of the Uighur's case is equal to helping Chinese murdering uighur, And believe the murders claims! The Chinese communist found it is obvious to kill Uighur with their army. Now, they changed to deploit many plain-clothed specialty soilders and utilizing the Han people. With all kind of means, creating the fear and killing Uighur with blunt weapons! Now the genocide will be carried out by Han peoples with the help of the new regulation and the endless rumors and propaganda!

The plot form Guandong, to 7.5, until now, never stopped! The fate of Uighur today, if the communist sucessed, will be the fate for Tibet and many other minorities, Hongkong, and the Chinese Han demonstrators themselves anywhere in the end! The winner will be the capitalike-Communist= Fascist, right under the international's closed eye-lashes and some malicious economic-partners of the Communist China! In the future, this might happen in Korea, Japan, Vitnam, and all the surronding countries with many Han immigrations (their first step). The little economic greedy will result in big lession to learn when interacting with this new emerging world Fascist power.

09-09-09, 22:22
Uighur need their own police for protection!

10-09-09, 04:52
Uyghur need there own Army for protection.

11-09-09, 02:26
They should shoot the needles to the polices who beaten them.