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WorldJournal: No More Tolerance Towards Crimes Carried out by Ethnic Minorities

“Beijing scholar, the Chinese authorities will not tolerate crime of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Professor of law at Beijing’s Central University for Nationalities, Xiong Zhao, told Wen Wei Po reporter. Xiong Zhao pointed out that the former autonomous region of Xinjiang Party Committee Standing Committee, Politics and Law Committee secretary Zhu Hailun took over the Urumqi Municipal Party Committee Secretary, The regional chief of Public Security Bureau has also replaced by Chang-Jie Zhu. Those actions showed government to purse and enforce the rule of law more seriously.

Xiong Zhao believes that the old policy on treatment of crimes by ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, had been “less arrest and death sentence, more general leniency”. Now, everyone should be equal in front of the law .

He said the signs a of recent events in Xinjiang showed extremely complex background. For criminals, the central government has now made it clear, regardless what ethnicity and sex, they will be severely punished according to law, and no more special treatment to anyone”


“北京*者透露,*國當局不再姑息 疆少數民族的犯罪問題。北京*央民 大*法*教授熊文釗在接受文匯*訪 問時指出,新疆原自治區黨委常委、 法委書記朱海侖接任烏*木齊市委書 ,公安廳長也換成朱昌杰上馬。顯現 *共*央對**新疆社會法制的重視

熊文釗認為,*共*央對待新疆地區 數民族犯罪問題,已從*前「少捕少 ,一般從寬」,轉變為法律面前人人 平*。

他表示,種種跡象都表明,新疆扎針 件的背景極其複雜。對於犯罪分*, 京*央已明確無論哪個民族都會依法 嚴懲、決不寬貸。”