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06-09-09, 18:00
Bir chetellikning Xitay irqchiliqi heqqide eytqini


I’m going to have to disagree wholeheartedly with your conclusion as an expat who has spent most of his China time in Xinjiang. We don’t have to “day when the major Chinese cities have a significant proportion of different races” because these configurations already exist in Western China. Urumqi is a city of 3 million (which relatively speaking may be “small” for China but still is “major” by any objective standard) and has significant minority populations, mostly Uyghurs but also high numbers of Kazakhs, Mongols, and Russians. The city, nonetheless, is a majority Han city and is historically “new” compared to the ancient Uyghur cities so despite Urumqi’s location in Xinjiang, it really is more of a “Han city” with a really significant minority demographic. This provides the “homegrown” litmus test inside an entirely Chinese context (because Uyghurs, technically speaking, are “Chinese,” as in citizens, just as African Americans in the US are still Americans) to at least *start* asking questions about whether or not Han Chinese, when confronted within their own borders with culturally heterogeneous living situations, are racist. From my extensive experience both living in Urumqi and specifically researching interethnic relations, the answer, in Xinjiang at least, is a resounding yes.

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