View Full Version : Han Chinese "Protest" about Sringe Attack

Adel Uyghur
04-09-09, 10:53
Han Chinese protested blaiming Uyghurs. The reason is caused by the Chinese Media and the government officials blaiming separatist without any proof. The Han then accused Uyghurs for the attack as they did in Xiaoguan, Guangdong. The Chinese government responsible for all unrest and death of the people.

When Uyghurs were shot for the protest. But what about the Han?

The world media copied Chinese media without thinking logically. If China is telling the truth, why the internet, telephone and even post are blocked?

I wonder if the Han want all the Uyghurs are being killed?

04-09-09, 11:34
I too find this syringe story extremely curious. I could imagine that it is a make-up, a lie, a fantasy or similar.

This is similar to the persecution of Jews, who were accused of poisening water, of drinking blood, of being parasites. Or stuff people told about gypsies; or there is the funny believe that Turkish fathers only took out their daughters in chains...

I think there is some sort of mass-hystery happening amongst Han-Chinese in East-Turkistan. Mass-hystery and prejudices against the "unwanted" are common features of genocides. The common people react like that.

Do not wonder whether they want to be rid of all Uyghurs. A Chinese, in the post "save Kashgar" has expressed this very clearly. He wants all Uyghurs and their culture to disappear except Kebab he writes.

China needs to understand that East-Turkistan is the country of the Uyghur-Turks; they shall leave East-Turkistan and return to China where they may play needle demonstrations as much as they like.

Greetings from Europe