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9月2日下午,新疆维吾尔自治区人民政 府新闻办公室召开新闻发布会,就乌 木齐市近期“针刺伤害”案件及诊疗 况向新闻媒体进行通报。

  新疆维吾尔自治区党委常委,政 委书记朱海仑在新闻发布会上表示, 日,乌鲁木齐市部分公共场所连*发 生群众被不明针状物刺伤的案件。报 者有汉
族、维吾尔族、回族、哈萨克族、蒙 族*9个民族的市民。犯罪分*的卑劣 行径引起了各族人民群众的强烈愤慨 新疆维吾尔自治区党委、人民政府对 *高度重视,要求和督促乌鲁木齐市委 、市政府及公安机关全力侦查*案, 疗机构对受害群众进行医*鉴定和治 。

  朱海仑说,这些案件发生地点分 广,事发突然,犯罪嫌疑人流动作案 手段隐蔽,受害群众多是在事后察觉 报案,案件侦*难度较大。经过公安 关的不懈努力,目前已抓获犯罪嫌疑 15人,其*刑事拘留6人,批准逮捕4 ,目前案件*在全力深入侦查*。

  经医院接诊检查,目前没有发现 例劣性*染病病原体和有毒化*物导 的相关症状,没有一例就诊者*针刺 伤害导致其他疾病住院,没有一例* 者,也没有要使用抗病毒药物预防性 疗的病例。

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*心提示:新疆自治区人民政府新闻 公室昨日召开新闻发布会,就乌鲁木齐 市近期"针刺伤害"案件及诊疗情况向新闻媒体进行通报
新华网9月3日报道 自治区人民政府新闻办公室昨日召开 闻发布会,就乌鲁木齐市近期"针刺伤害"案件及诊疗情况向新闻媒体进行通报 (本文来源:新华网 )

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星岛环球网消息:新疆维吾尔自治区 民政府新闻办公室9月2日下午召开新 发布会,就乌鲁木齐市近期“针刺伤 ”案件及诊疗情况向新闻媒体进行通 报。

  新华社报道,新疆维吾尔自治区 委常委,政法委书记朱海仑在新闻发 会上表示,近日,乌鲁木齐市部分公 共场所连*发生群众被不明针状物刺 的案件。报案者有汉族、维吾尔族、 族、哈萨克族、蒙古族*9个民族的 民。犯罪分*的卑劣行径引起了各族 民群众的强烈愤慨,新疆维吾尔自治 区党委、人民政府对*高度重视,要 和督促乌鲁木齐市委、市政府及公安 关全力侦查*案,医疗机构对受害群 众进行医*鉴定和治疗。

  朱海仑说,这些案件发生地点分 广,事发突然,犯罪嫌疑人流动作案 手段隐蔽,受害群众多是在事后察觉 报案,案件侦*难度较大。经过公安 关的不懈努力,目前已抓获犯罪嫌疑 15人,其*刑事拘留6人,批准逮捕4 ,对于批准逮捕的3案4人,检察机关 经起诉,法院近期将依法判决,目前 件*在全力深入侦查*。

  新疆维吾尔自治区卫生厅党组书 ,副厅长殷宇霖说,经医院接诊检查 目前没有发现一例劣性*染病病原体 和有毒化*物导致的相关症状,没有 例就诊者*针刺伤害导致其它疾病住 ,没有一例*亡者,也没有要使用抗 病毒药物预防性治疗的病例。卫生厅 对前来就诊的市民逐一进行了登记, 定期开展门诊医*追踪随访。

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新华网9月3日报道自治区人民政府新闻 办公室昨日召开新闻发布会,就乌鲁木 市近期"针刺伤害"案件及诊疗情况向新闻媒体进行通报 (本文来源:新华网)

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新华网9月3日报道 自治区人民政府新闻办公室昨日召开 闻发布会,就乌鲁木齐市近期"针刺伤害"案件及诊疗情况向新闻媒体进行通报

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Witnesses today said fresh violence had erupted in Urumqi, less than two months after vicious inter-ethnic violence killed 197 people and injured around 1,700.

One source told the Guardian that around 2,000 Han Chinese had gathered in the centre of the city to demonstrate amid claims the authorities – who flooded the city with a 20,000-strong security force following the earlier violence – had not protected them from attacks by Uighurs.

The source, who is not Uighur, said some Han had assaulted passing Uighurs and a security force numbering up to around 1,000 had gathered in the area.

However, one protester contacted by the Guardian said: "We are here in People's Square peacefully.

"We are just giving the government some advice. There are over 10,000 people here [this number is often used figuratively in China], but among them are many ethnic groups, not only Han.

"We do this because terrorists are making some incidents to break people's peaceful lives."

A third source in the city said Han were protesting about their personal security.

Another said there had been a smaller protest by Han yesterday.

The new unrest follows claims of syringe attacks, which appear to have sparked new concern among residents.

The government of the autonomous Xinjiang region said it had no information about such events.

The state news agency Xinhua reported that police had arrested 15 people for stabbing members of the public with hypodermic needles, citing a senior local official.

Zhu Hailun, the head of the political and legal affairs commission of the Communist party committee in Xinjiang, said four of those had been officially arrested and prosecuted and would face court in the near future.

Members of nine ethnic groups including Han, Uygur, Hui, Kazak and Mongolian had reported stabbing incidents to police, Zhu said.

Yin Yulin, the deputy director of the region's health department, told the newspaper nobody had so far been infected or poisoned as a result of being stabbed.

While mass incidents do take place in China, the scale of the demonstration is highly unusual for Xinjiang. Officials have been seeking to stress that life in the area has returned to normal.

The government cut off access to text messaging services and the internet across Xinjiang following July's violence, with only a handful of services such as online banking since restored.

Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang, a north-western province in which many of the minority Uighur population resent growing Han immigration and tough controls on their religion.

The brutal attacks on mostly Han Chinese on 5 July stunned China. Two days later, they were followed by Han revenge attacks on Uighurs, although police intervened and casualties that day are believed to have been much lower.