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19-08-09, 11:34

19-08-09, 14:32
'BEIJING — Beijing police will step up their anti-terror efforts ahead of the 60th anniversary on October 1 of the founding of communist China, with more street patrols and checkpoints, state media said Wednesday.' This is a special happening only in China.

'...attempts of violence and terrorism must be foiled before they are turned into real action'. The can foiled the 'attempts'? what is the attempt? What a loose concept it is. Does those who 'attempts' of violence are criminals?, Then the police can resort on violence as well. If somebody smook nearby a gas station, is that an attempt? If people speak out aginst ccp officer, is that an attempt? If people demonstate in the street, is that an attempt? They should define it clear at least, so people know how to behieve to avoid such 'attempts' and subsequently executed.

'Police will target residents from ethnic groups and expatriates who have only resided in the capital for a short time, the China Daily said.' This is targeting 'ethnic groups' but not Han. The ccp know how to unite 'majority' to crack down 'minority'. Han people must be very happy!

'Security forces have been engaged in a two-month-long anti-terrorism campaign aimed at maintaining social stability ahead of the sensitive anniversary, it added. ' Their anniversary become sensitive? Why not just cancel it so that would be a best prevention.

"Security is currently our top priority," That equal to 'All the economists, law groups, human right groups or democracy groups shut up!; we will kill anyone who attempts!; The gun is in my hand, watch out!'

'The official Xinhua news agency reported last week that police had confiscated 19,000 guns and 500 tonnes of explosives in a pre-October 1 crackdown on illegal firearms. More than 5,200 suspects have been arrested. ' They did not mention Uighur or Tibet, I bet those guns are from Han. Sounds like, China is on the edge of huge eruption. Congratulation, ccp! what a failure! Because you have lied too many times, killed too many innocents, robbed too many, beated too much, no one believe you anymore, and they start beating you back. Your biggest enemy will right come up from your Han people, actualy, they are the most suffered, and they are the most violent without worried about the charge of 'terrorst'. When they fight, they will just overturn your whole power! Then, if you wish to ask help from Uighur again, like happened in the old time. Sorry, we will not help evil the second time!