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Turdi Ghoja
17-08-09, 20:32
Debunking the Myth of Preferential Treatment for Minorities in China

Since the July 5 violence in Urumchi the topic of preferential treatment for minorities in China has been popping up everywhere. Is there really such a thing for Uighurs? Chinese bloggers say yes and point to the birth control policy and college entrance exam as examples. But, in the mind of the minorities the so-called preferential treatment is nothing more than breaking your leg and giving you a crutch and pointing to it as the “preferential treatment”.

First, let’s talk about the birth control policy. The vast land of East Turkistan is our historical homeland. China claims our homeland has more land and not enough people, therefore has been encouraging Chinese people to migrate there ever since 1949. As a result, the Chinese population grew from the 4% in 1949 to more than 40% today. The population problem has been created by the Chinese, not by the minorities. Since their lands are being used to alleviate that problem, they should not be subjected to birth control, but they are forced to have only two children while their land are being flooded with Chinese migrants, making them minorities in their own lands.

This brings to back to the old question: whose land is it? The Great Wall is the natural border of China and it ends at the center of Gansu province. The Chinese territories to the north and west of great wall are occupied territories belonged to Uighurs, Mongols, Manchus and other northern nomadic peoples. The Chinese claim of East Turkistan being a part of China since ancient times is nothing more than a brazen lie. The truth is half of the time in the past 2000 years the Chinese were ruled by northern nomads such as Turks (Wei dynasty etc), Mongol (Yuan dynasty) and Manchu (Jin & Qing dynasties). How can you claim to have ruled over other territories since the ancient times while you were ruled by others yourself? The truth is the Manchu Qing army led by general Zuo Zongtang invaded our homeland in 1876 and annexed it to China in 1884. But both the Manchus and Kuomintang nationalists who succeeded them were not able to hold on to it firmly. Uyghurs and other local peoples such as Kazaks, Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Mongols rose up against the Manchu and Chinese rule many times and succeeded gaining independence twice. The first East Turkistan republic was established in1933, long before two thirds of the current UN member states claimed independence, and lasted a year. The second East Turkistan Republic was established in 1944 and lasted until the communist invasion in 1949.

All the Chinese living in East Turkistan still freshly remembers where they or their parents came from. You can’t find a single Chinese who can claim his/her ancestors lived there since the ancient times. You do not need to delve into history books to tell what is truth what is not. It is an undeniable fact that Uyghurs and Chinese do not have much in common. We speak different languages and practice different cultures, customs and religions; we have different music and dancing, different traditional clothing, medicine, farming methods and tools. Common sense tells that if two people had lived in the same country side by side since the ancient times they would’ve picked up each other's culture and habits.

Now let’s come back to the second point mentioned in the so-called preferential treatment. It is true that Uyghurs who attend Chinese high schools get bonus scores at college entrance exams. But, it is done to encourage Uyghurs to attend Chinese school, which is an important element in government plan of assimilation. Any way, only a small percentage of Uyghur students attend to Chinese school and get this benefit. In order to understand our perspective on this, let’s imagine a scenario where the position of Uyghur language and Chinese are switched-- Uyghur is used as the official language of the province since it is the language of the original inhabitants and the Chinese migrants are required to learn Uyghur. We would not mind doubling the bonus score for the Chinese students who attend the Uyghur schools in this scenario. Let’s imagine 75% of the education budget in East Turkistan used for Uyghur schools, leaving the remaining 25% for the Chinese and other minorities in the region; Let’s imagine Uyghur student are allowed to go to any university in China while the Chinese students do not have that choice and go to mainly the local schools in East Turkistan; Let’s imagine Uyghur college graduates are given preferential treatment in employment and most job advertisements say “We hire Uyghurs only. No Chinese need to apply”. If there were any chance of any of these scenarios becoming a reality, the Chinese would be mad as hell. But, when it happens to us they call it preferential treatment.

If employment opportunities are based on applicants’ abilities, Uyghur graduates should have an upper hand since most of them are fluent in both Uyghur and Chinese and sometimes even in English. But the reality is Uyghur graduates could not get a job even if they went to the best schools in China simply because they are Uyghur. China replaced Uyghur language with Chinese in schools; their excuse is that it will better prepare Uyghur students for jobs. But many Uyghurs who went to Chinese school all their lives could not find jobs while many companies in Urumchi hire Chinese graduates from outside of East Turkistan. We would gladly trade the bonus score in college exam for better employment opportunities that the Chinese enjoy. After all, people go to college to get a job, right? If you have good job you can provide for the good education of your kids so that they will not need the extra scores.

When Uyghurs demand what they really want—equal opportunities, good education, good jobs and economic conditions, right to use their own language, and exercise their culture and religion, they will be immediately labeled as “separatist, fundamentalist or terrorist” and be persecuted. But, when a small number of Uyghurs resort to petty crimes such as pick-pocketing in coastal Chinese cities, they are treated relatively leniently. These criminals have become the new face of Uyghurs for the Chinese public in China proper. The authorities are lenient to them because it fits government’s agenda. At one hand it masks the discrimination in East Turkistan by shifting the blame onto the Uyghurs in the eyes of the Chinese public. It would give the impression Uyghurs do not have good education and good jobs because they rather steal than study and work. At the other hand, it will hurt the self-esteem and national pride of Uyghurs, which in turn could help government’s assimilation effort.

17-08-09, 22:10
This policy apply to 'minorities' actualy some of them their mother tonge is Han, which is one ethnic language in China. There should not be a such a language policy.
Univeristies should offer courses in Uighur and Han and other languages, student should select their courses based on their will and their language skill. The passing exam for the same course that taught in different languages should be standard to ensure that every student receieved the same education standard. Student receive the degree by their total credits earned. Uighur student who have better Han or English skills, they are free to study in Bejing or other country if they are accepted.
That is so basic and natural, why Chinese policy maker can't think of? Because, their goal maybe is purly to eliminate every 'minorities', but not care if they are living or dying.

20-08-09, 07:51
Do you know or remember, before NAZI started massacre of Jewish what they did? They made propaganda that Jewish people were thieves, bad... etc. That made all Germen people united together proudly 'fighting' enemies. Any country that protected Jewish became OLD German's enemy. And many become victims later.

What a similarity here! Can you imagine how 6-8 years old Uighur kids were able to go 2000 miles away from home for stealing in the Han lived Eastern China? How they were transported? Is it a Chinese 'policy' moved them there? I don't think so.

Uighur are Turks, many looks different from Han. Now, it is easy to let Chinese people believe that Uighur are bad even from the little. Did you ever saw a kid steal when you are small in Urumqi or Kashgar? That is the most shameful for any Uighur and their parents as Muslim.

When those kids started appear in China's east coast? Was that right after '6th ccp document' that targeted on Uighur'? That was the time the plot planned and has been planned many years ago. For what? Today!

Adult 'criminals' may able to kidnap and bring those kids to eastern China 2000 miles away from their parents and home, and train them for stealing. But, why police arrested those kids would not send them back to Urumqi? But rather just been released right away? Because they need those kids keep stealing to help the live propaganda! So they made and kept a preferential policy to prevent those kidnapped Uighur kids being sent back home. How many video or pictures have you saw for the 'evidences of bad Uighur' as this propaganda! Who have took those pictures and put them onto the Internet? Now, many of those small kids grown up, however, many were beaten died. Some of them are adult already, but still, police don’t jail them or send them back home.

The ccp is not that stupid to make this kind of 'policy', otherwise, they will never be able to hold a country. What is the most famous part of Chinese history? Plot to eliminate whole nations of others! When they started this idea? When Uighur's nearby brothers all become independent. That is when they started worried. Yes, that is the time! Before that, Uighur are their closed 'brother', after that; suddenly Uighur become their enemy. Then, the 'go west' policy started. And then, SCO organized. But still, they don't feel enough. So, the lovely happy dancing and singing Uighur, suddenly transformed into 'terrorist, extremist and separatist' after many years of isolation from the whole world with China's heavy military control.

'911' generated a chance for them. That helped their plot, a face-covering Uighur 'Bin Ladan' occurred. Remind you that a real terrorist like Bin Ladin never covers his face. They just want the Chinese people believe that Uighurs are 'terrorist', so they could conduct an 'internal affair' and maintain 'integrity' via massacre Uighur, 'a terrorist group' within China.

Propaganda preparation is done, Chinese people has been filled with hate on Uighurs and their kids. Now, almost the whole Chinese were united to kill Uighurs after the man-made 7.5. Event. Because the release of Uighur in GITMO told the world the truth that Uighurs are not terrorist. The planed of massacre has accelerated. However, the plot is not such perfect. Some of the ccp high-level officer did not cooperated! That day, when G20, major leaders of the world met, Chinese leader Hu had to jump back home.

The Uighur students were fully 'informed' by the Shuaguan videos, made via Internet to summon students, the plotters are sure, and sure, "come on Uighurs, today is an exiting day for you and me, I knew you will revenge with violence".

Everything is ready and planed, However, Uighur students knew and learned from recent history, they did not resort violence. Those peaces educated students holding Chinese national flag on their demonstration! This surprised the plotters. What they expected mass violence did not occurred. In order to push Uighur students and others into violence before the sunset as they planned, they asked for open fire, but Beijing officer (who was on the opposite side) denied. The students did not ask for independent, they did not resort to violence. No reason for initiate shooting fire.

The one who is in charge in Urumqi, who ordered shoot! That is what we heard gunshot at daytime. After that, the plot start worked, however, since they initiate violence by shooting, their 'good excuse' for massacre in the region partially blocked!

However, the ccp group still wants to keep their plot going. The militancy was send. But the last step of big massacre can't be carried out smoothly as they planned, attribute to many Uighur's effort and the whole world distrust of the ccp's claim. We have saved many lives from a Fascist hand!

Thank Turkey's early respond! Thank many eyewitnesses. Thank Ms. kadeer and pray for the souls that died unfairly. The fascist plan of the big massacre of Uighur has been halted. However, we have to keep alert and be prepared. A mass military is still there, and the shooting-order-maker is still there.

20-08-09, 14:08
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Dear Unregistered and Unknown, please do not use the email that doesnot belong you. nuk@live.no is the email of Den norske Uighurkomiteen.

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