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14-08-09, 15:47

I like the commens better.

24-08-09, 15:32
Secretary Bao dong:

It would have been much better, had China protected Uyghurs and cared for their well-being as you stated in your letter. But the reality refutes your claim. It is true that there was a well-documented China's decades long suppression of Uyghurs. As one "patriotic" Chinese cited confucius in this site, I suggest you " look at the mirror three times" before you pointing the finger to so-called outside forces. But let's not talk about it here. Let's focus on the tragic incident took place in Shaoguan. Did you watch the video taken and distributed by Chinese terrorists in Shaoguan, Guangdong? They were beating poor and helpless Uyghurs, (they were there againist their will as cheap labor) and at least several of them died on the spot. If they did not, I would be suprised. Those metal bar bolding Chinese were shouting in the video: "Kill these Uyghur pigs, Kill them all". They were not shouting in Cantonese, they were shouting in Mandarin. I am suprised how they openly instigate others commit "ethnic cleansing". May I generously label them with "murderers, terrorists" tags? Your government have been generous in their propaganda on Uyghurs in the past. Now I guess it is time for us to return the favor. Their actions nothing but that of terrorists. Ironically, the police and security guards who arrived on the spot did nothing to protect those innocent Uyghurs. They stayed idle to my surprise. This itself strongly refutes your claim that China protects Uyghurs.
Secondly, I strongly believe that if Nur Bekri, the nominal Uyghur and the chairman of Autonomous regoin had flew to Guangdong, and cared for the dead and injured Uyghurs, and asked Guangdong government to seriously punish those murderers according to law, The incoming Tragedy in Urumqi would surely have been averted. The bureaucrats in Urumqi did nothing on Shaoguan incident. No apology for victims and their family.
Can you ask Nur Bekri if he can compensate each Shaoguan victims' family with 420,000 yuan and give life time financial and medical support for nearly 100 injured Uyghur laborers? . I assume he does not, right?. because Uyghur victims are not worth for earning political capital. Nur Bekri claims on CCTV interview that Uyghur" rioters" in Urumqi were organized and wore same uniform and given metal rods. Based on foreign reports, one can conclude that it is the other way around. On July 8th, the Han Chinese took to the street, and they were all young Han males, they were holding homogenous metal rods, and weapons. We don't know how many Uyghurs they have killed on that day. Because the Army did not allow foreign reporters to film, and your reporters never reports on such scenes. That is NOT called protection of Uyghurs, It is called hiding the truth from the public. After the incident, your government reported that the number of casualities were 197. The innocent victims are 156, and among them 10 are Uyghur. Can we say that those Chinese thugs killed them on July 8th? How do you explain other 41 deaths? we know that your government admitted killing 12 Uyghurs by bullet. Assume that they are rioters in your standard, How do you explain the death of other 29 Uyghur deaths? If they were not killed by Chinese mobs on July 8th, did your Army shot them to death on July 5th? Was it not a massacre? Oh, by the way, Does that 197 deaths include 3 uyghurs that your Army killed on July 13th? If so, why not the death toll is 200? Well, this is based on data provided by your government. If we accept your data, the Casuality rate for Uyghurs in Urumqi is far higher than that of Han Chinese. Out of 2.3 million people in Urumqi, 85% of them are Han, and Uyghur population is only 13% in the capital of their own Autonomous region that your government bestowed. yet, Uyghur's death ratio is 27%.
This fact also denies your claim that China protects Uyghurs. Yes, again, by the way, Can you ask Comrade Nur if he can compensate those 10 innocent Uyghur victims with 420,000 yuan and he passionately talk about punishing Shao guan terrorrist according to law or does he still favor Han Chinese even in this tragic case? Where was he when Uyghurs were being murdered in Shaoguan. What an incompetent beurucrat he is. he is an insult to your governments' IQ. People like him disserve your governments' strategic interest.
At last, I would like to say that we are observing your governments' actions, Mr. Baodong. We expect that at least 20 Han Chinese murderers be executed for killing innocent Uyghurs both in Shaoguan and Urumqi. Otherwise, do not preach about ethnic unity, equality here in the democratic world.