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11-08-09, 02:35
The Shauguan event was a plot, ccp leader ploted ( most likely Wang lequan), review the details up to now, that is very likely.

The Urumqi event was continue of that plot by top ccp leader, review the details, more likely.

Fill up all events in between, a clear purpose of that plot is showed.

Don't be fooled. Uighur started peaceful demonstrated eventhough Shaugan event was so heart breaking (well planed plot, insulted Uighur by soul and by body, and intensionly released video onto the net, to invoke the angry from Uighur in Urumqi, the net was controled by net-police, they knew everything).

The plot has to kill enough Han chinese to work. That is the most ugly part of that plot that Chinese people don't allowed (they have been here devouted ther life for the ccp). That is why they have to keep shuting off the internet and phone. They have to scare all the chinese (blame on Uighur by making fake video) in order to evade their crime being discovered, not on Uighur but on their own innocent Han Chinese.

The Uighurs in and out were planed to be killed and to be blamed by the plot maker. As one step from the plot, international media were prepared. However, they dare not to open the internet, which is another fail of this plot.

What they can get from this plot? Nothing small, how big it can be? However, it was so bad, they played over the line (Wang lequan a real fascist in China, intend to erase the Uighur by all means). Saw the Turky's respond, you will understand. Turkey, now the whole world, include USA ( a Basket ball, need five people to play. No one can be erased. a good humor, I like it.)

Now, the plot failed. What they can do? Hu had been back. Dismiss Wang? Maybe that is the best choice for both Han and Uighur, to turn the bad plot a good end. Teach Uighur Chinese will not change Uighur to become Han. Accept mistakes, like Bill Clinton, may release some angry from both Han and Uighur.

However, keeping the plot ( for the sake of chinese face? trying to attach Kadeer, a realy nice peace-loving, Uighur-loving women. Is a shame.

Love Uighur is not a bad thing, hope they could release more Uighurs. Kill more will ruin more. Uighur and Tibet can't be erased, they are not Han alike, history have already told US. If bigger land create you with peace, that is a good land. If it don't, that will be a crisis any time.

See, most famouse people do not leave any penny to their son. They trust and train their son to earn by their trading skills but not rob and kill.

11-08-09, 03:11
Now, wang is desperated to hope another killing event occur ( or already start that plot and failed?). Afgan's airline tells us something.
He thought every body like him. He is not well educated. Poor man.

11-08-09, 12:09
They are trying deviate people's thought from they own to Kadeer, make one exiled leader
famouse will not hurt them inside china. But, if people found out the truth of the plot, both chinese and Uighur will realy angry on Wang and its group.
Now chinese people has a new enemy to fight with. Most of chinese who fight with her, one is stupid ( did not learn enough to think independently), or just a dog for wang and its ccp group. We better watch out.
Afgan airline, a rumor for what? not clear yet. But based on wang's old stratergy, I guess it is just making another terror atmosphere, to remind and prevent the trend that aginst him inside china. Or, he realy trying to stike down Urumqi by his new plot, another '911' in Urumqi? excuse for what? He realy want to kill more. In that case, be careful, the mad beast start bite again.

12-08-09, 18:35
Maybe that plot was from Hu, who is wang's boss. And that is the national top 'secrete'.

12-08-09, 23:38
While people digging the blocked sewer under Urumqi, what the found? City sewer system were filled and blocked with Uighur dead bodies. What a bad plot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13-08-09, 00:06
The missing or escaped ( as they claimed), will never appear again. Let us pray for their abused soul, maybe we never have chance for their funerals. 2009.7.5. is a day to rember, 7.5 is a day to pray every year.