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06-11-04, 09:51
Norway refuses to take Chinese detainees


OSLO, Norway, Nov. 5 (UPI) -- A group of 20 Chinese nationals held as suspected terrorists at the U.S. camp at Guantanamo in Cuba have become men without a country.

China would take them back, but U.S. officials have been seeking another country for them because they could face long prison terms or death sentences there.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. reports that Norway has turned down a U.S. request to take the men in, fearing that giving them sanctuary could hurt the country's relationship with China. Officials at the Foreign Ministry and the immigration agency also said that the men are the United States' responsibility.

U.S. officials reportedly reassured Norway that investigators have determined the men, originally from Xinjiang Province in China, are not terrorists. They have been at Guantanamo for three years

07-11-04, 00:04
For Uighurs, living in Guantanamo prison forever is much better than to be returned to China and being tortured to death