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07-08-09, 11:54
Many thanks to Rebiya Kadeer for saying those

She said she would have been proud to have been associated with the initial demonstration calling for further investigation of the deaths of Uyghur workers at the hands of a Han mob in southern China the week before, but had no part in its inception.

"I am not proud of the damage that resulted, but I am proud that my people can organize and demonstrate peacefully under the iron fist," Kadeer said.

"The Chinese government must carry full responsibility for the casualties," said Kadeer, a former self-made millionaire in China and a favorite of the authorities until she spoke out about Beijing's heavy-handed treatment of her people.

"If we take the numbers announced by Chinese government as true, the Chinese government is still responsible for the incident," said U.S.-based Kadeer, a former businesswoman who served six years in jail for alleged subversion.

"If the Chinese government truly desires peace and stability, it will work diligently to stop the spread of enmity between the Chinese and Uyghur people," Kadeer said.

"It is in this spirit that we call on China not to seek harsh punishment for those who participated in the July 5 protests."

Excessive force alleged

Kadeer, view that the July 5 demonstrations began peacefully and turned to violence only after a "brutal and excessive use of force" by the Chinese authorities.

source: http://www.uyghuramerican.org//articles/3439/1/China-Responsible-for-Riots/index.html