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A Uyghur
06-08-09, 18:59

Mende ikki yurush 12 tomluq Uyghur Helq Adebiyat Qamusi bar (bir yurishi pechiti bilen), men bir yurushni setish uchun bu yerge elen chiqardin, eger setiwalghuchi bolsa, towendiki e-het adirisim <otyan08@gmail.com> gha het yazsingiz bolidu.
Esli bu ay bu kunde bundaq elanni bu yerge chiqarmighan bolsam yahshi bolar idi, emma, sewep tupeylidin bolup qaldi, eyipqa buyrimanglar. Rehmet


I have a set (12 volumes), brand new, the anthology of Uighur folklore (literature) for sales.
The price of the folklore is $1000 (shipping costs included). If any one is interest please contact me at otyan08@gmail.com, and then we will talk in detail. Thanks

The anthology of Uighur folk literature
The anthology of Uighur folk literature is divided into twelve volumes in accordance with the different literary forms and their respective lengths. The anthology is hard-cover, 8 format, 12 volumes, and 6000 pages. It has more than five thousand color illustrations relating to Uighur folklore, including examples of calligraphy and engraving plates. Net weight is 48kg (approximately 111 pound). Only 2000 copies of the anthology are being published.
This set is very important primary source material for scholars interested in the history, language, culture, and folklore of the Uighurs. More than 200 scholars spent 8 years compiling the anthology.

The 12 volumes include:
Volume 1: Includes 250 myths and legends

Volume 2: Includes 43 folk tales

Volume 3: Includes 45 folk tales

Volume : Includes 99 folk tales

Volume 5: Includes 154 folk tales

Volume 6: Includes 1360 traditional jokes

Volume 7: Includes 9000 proverbs

Volume 8: Includes 18 folk narrative poems

Volume 9: Includes 13 folk narrative poems

Volume 10: Includes 5500 folk songs

Volume 11: Includes 4000 folk songs, 111 examples of folk drama, 41 boasting stories (a traditional Uighur story form), and 1500 riddles.

Volume 12: Includes material on 400 folk customs and 200 traditional costumes, as well as brief profiles of 4667 Uighur folk artists and folklorists.