View Full Version : A douche bag had a press release about Uyghurs and East Turkistan

31-07-09, 08:08

He also wrote this article regarding Uyghurs:

This douche bag is racist bigot and he labelled Uyghurs as thieves and past Uyghur kingdoms as baditry fiefdoms...

Actually the douche Chris Devonshire-Ellis doesn't even have a law degree, not to mention a college or a high school and he makes his living by spreading rumors and slanders and appeasing his Chinese masters...


I don't understand how an he held a press release without even knowing Uyghurs and write about them...

Can anyone from DUQ or WUC contact the PR-USA.net and http://www.china-briefing.com and demand an apology and possibly sue them for defaming the Uyghurs? Anyway, they are not authorized to make press releases on the behalf of Uyghurs not to mention publishing the uneducated douche bags views?

31-07-09, 08:29
he doesn't even have a college degree, not to mention a law degree...


DUQ, WUN and us Uyghurs should sue him for defamation and ask apologies for those who had press release about us without even letting us know...

Uyghur Bala
31-07-09, 13:17
Yes, this is a serious issue. WUC should take a stand!

04-08-09, 12:06
Please visit the following website for more information (including a most shocking picture) about this bozo...

Also the Freedom's Herald Blog wrote about him at:

04-08-09, 15:19
hormetlik DUC yaki UAA buningge bir tedbir kollansanglar . bundak kara qaplap uyghur namida kalaymikan makale elan kilsa bomaydu-de.

27-10-12, 07:04
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