View Full Version : 10,000 Uighur disappear in China, U.S. silent

31-07-09, 01:58
10,000 Uighur disappear in China, U.S. silent
Accused by Beijing of masterminding the violence in Xinjiang, a Uyghur leader calls for an international inquiry to see who was behind the clashes and deaths in Urumqi. China says US agrees the matter is an internal Chinese matter.


31-07-09, 02:50
10,000 disappear in Urumqi in one night of ethnic cleansing
Rebiya Kadeer

Australian Associated Press | AFP


31-07-09, 12:42
The latest chinese news came out that Wang's armed polices had joined in Han group killing of innocent Uighurs. How many killed? How mant they arrested? Up to how many they want to say. The investigator from Bejing have found out more truth about this Wang monster fascist evil lier killer and his partner lier Nuer Baikeli. We will know more about their crimes on both chinese and Uighurs soon. These two not punished, people will never happy, China will never have justice, and Chinese leaders have to unwillingly cover their nobody-believed dirty lies in front of all noble leaders around the world.

Wang and Nuer have no capability as a leader, without gun they can do nothing, just like barbaric animals. The followers and supporter of this two should be a little more clever now. Your fate is on your own mouth and hands.

Turned off power of Urumqi at 7.5.09 night was the most obvious confest of their massacre whatever they used gun or other weapens. That must was planned so they could do so. The kind police will report and discover their crimes, so that could help preventing this kind of fascist crimes and become recognized as real hero.

Wang's minority policies are totaly trash and inhuman. Not only people in China but also every cornor of world will be glad to know those two 'monsters' fate under powerful Chinese law or maybe with help of international law if needed.

31-07-09, 13:03
Her kaysi doletlerdiki america consullirining aldida tinqlik bilen narazilik namayishi otkuzeylimuya?