View Full Version : French Uighurs urge end to 'genocide'

28-07-09, 17:02
French Uighurs urge end to 'genocide'

Posted Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:00am AEST

Several dozen Uighurs and their supporters in France took to the streets of Paris on Saturday to urge the world to put pressure on China to end what they called "genocide" in Xinjiang.

Some of the protesters were seen holding up banners that read "Stop killing Uighurs" and "Uighurs want justice", as well as images of the Uighur dissident leader in exile, Rebiya Kadeer.

"The international community must intervene to put pressure on China and stop the Chinese authorities' policy of repression," said Yusufu Akbar, president of the Uighur association in France, through a translator.

"This is not new. Since 1949, China has undertaken a policy of genocide against Uighurs. This massacre has to stop."

Xinjiang, the remote north-west corner of China and homeland of the Muslim and Turkic-speaking Uighurs, burst into global prominence when riots in its capital Urumqi on July 5 left 197 dead, according to an official toll.



28-07-09, 17:23
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