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Sudanese ambassador supports China's handling of Xinjiang riot
Jul 25, 2009 (BBC Monitoring via COMTEX) --

BEIJING, July 25 (Xinhua) - Sudan's ambassador to China has voiced support for the measures China has taken to handle the deadly July 5 riot in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The measures adopted by the Chinese government after the riot aim to defend its sovereignty, safeguard social stability, and protect people's lives and property, Ambassador Mirghani Mohamed Salih told Xinhua.

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National sovereignty, stability, security
China, Pak firmly support each other: Zhou Gang

Ashraf Ansari

Islamabad—Special Envoy of the Chinese government, Mr. Zhou Gang said here Saturday that his country and Pakistan fully and firmly support each other’s national sovereignty, stability, integrity and security.

He was talking to senior media persons after his meeting with the Foreign Secretary, Mr. Salman Bashir at the Foreign Office.

The Chinese Special Envoy said, during his meeting with the Foreign Secretary, both sides reviewed most cordial and close cooperative relations existing between China and Pakistan. They agreed that there was still scope for further deepening and expanding mutual cooperation in various fields.

Mr. Zhou Gang said, he was visiting Islamabad to convey appreciation of the Chinese government and people for the government and people of Pakistan for their full and firm support to his country on the recent riots in Xinjiang. China is highly thankful to Pakistan for taking principled stand in line with the fact that “ Xinjiang is integral part of People’s Republic of China”. “ Pakistan believes that no foreign country, nor any entity had right to interfere in the internal affairs of China”.

He said, China and Pakistan are both committed to maintaining peace, security and stability for the sake of development and progress of their people. He said Pakistan and China are strategic partners and they are determined to further strengthen their strategic partnership. “ The two countries have developed excellent relations in both bilateral and multilateral context”, he added.

He pointed out that friendship between the two countries was not merely confined to the two government but it also rooted in their people.“ The two countries believe that development and progress of one is also beneficial for the other,” he said.

He also pointed out that other Muslim countries, OIC members, had supported China on the question of recent happening in Xinjiang, “ The Muslim World and China share approaches to vital issues. They have similar tasks before them.

Referring to the action of the Chinese government to quell the 5 July riots in Xinjiang, the Special Envoy said there was no option but to ensure security solidarity and unity of China.

Giving details of the recent riots in Xinjiang he said separatists abetted and supported from outside China were responsible for the sad incident that claimed lives of the people and caused damage to property.

“Anti-Chinese elements who are not in accord with China’s progress have been supporting separatists in Xinjiang”. It is responsibility of the Chinese government to maintain unity and order, he said.

Mr. Zhou Gang said his country supports Pakistan’s efforts to curb extremism and terrorism. To a question he said Pakistan and China have developed a dependable mechanism for the sharing of intelligence regarding extremist and terrorist elements.

When asked about China’s stance over Indian ambition for a permanent seat on UN Security Council, Mr. Zhou Gang said, “ my country supports demand of the developing countries for effective representation in the Security Council. “ However it is for the majority of the developing nations to decide as to who would represent them”.


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bundaq namrat heqning rohimu namrat,bularning bu qiliqini nezerge eliqshqimu erzimeydu

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Yene bu pes chuprende musulmanliringdin toyushmighandek qilisen sen heq

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Yene bu pes chuprende musulmanliringdin toyushmighandek qilisen sen heq

Menghu toyup ketken bu musulmanladin

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bundaq namrat heqning rohimu namrat,bularning bu qiliqini nezerge eliqshqimu erzimeydu

Tohuradasiz, burader. Birah, musulman dep pakistanlihha qizlirini beridihanlar helibar Amerikada!