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26-07-09, 02:10
More than 10,000 volunteers to work in western China as teachers, doctors
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BEIJING, July 24 (Xinhua) -- More than 10,000 Chinese volunteers, most of whom are university graduates, attended a send-off meeting Friday ahead of their mission to the western part of the country to support education, medicine and agricultural production in underdeveloped areas.

The annual voluntary service campaign is sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League (CYL) and ministries of education, finance and human resources and social security.

The 10,873 volunteers were selected from 96,000 applicants from more than 1,000 universities nationwide. They will spend one- to- three years in the west to work in the educational, medical, farming and legal assistance sectors, according to the CYL.

Volunteers from central Henan, eastern Shandong and Shanghai and northeastern Liaoning will teach Chinese language in cities including Kashgar and Hotan in far western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the CYL said.

More than 1,000 volunteers will go to regions including southwestern Sichuan, which was struck by a massive earthquake last May.

Lu Yongzheng, secretary of the Secretariat of the CYL Central Committee, addressed the farewell party in the Beijing-based Minzu University of China, a school of ethnic minority students, for volunteers to go to western regions including Tibet and Inner Mongolia and Sichuan Province.

Another 4,000 volunteers who had served in the western region, extended the period of service and joined this year's program.

Up to now, nearly 100,000 university volunteers have served in underdeveloped regions since 2003 when the campaign began.