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22-07-09, 23:10
Uyghurs should remind of and notify the world`s nations and organisations about the Independence Declaration of the Nations of High Asia - Tibet, East-Turkistan and Inner Mongolia - in the US Congress of 19 September 2006. http://www.innermongolia.org/english/Nations%20of%20High%20Asia%20Declare.htm

At the end of the declaration it is written:
"We call upon individual nations of the world and the United Nations Organization to support the inalienable right of Uyghurs, Mongols, Tibetans and Taiwanese to independent homelands."

This appeal and the existence of the declaration should be brought to the media, governments, organisations etc. One cannot expect the governments of this world to read the uyghuramerican.org forum. Uyghurs need to bring the information to them.

Finally, it is about setting up authorities, issuing a currency, conducting (international) business. The longer this is postponed the more difficult it will become to counter the invading Han-Chinese and the Chinese apparatus.

What if the UN won`t send any troops? With a currency, soldiers, e.g. volunteers from all over the world, could be paid to establish a defence force.

Besides, the Uyghurs in East-Turkistan - the same is true for the indigious people of Tibet and Inner Mongolia - must not become victims of Chinese money policy. They need to be independent.

There is an Independence Declaraction that needs to be made use of efficiently.

23-07-09, 07:42
You always write something very inspiring S...a! Thannks.


23-07-09, 11:06
this is extremely important!!!!!!!