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01-10-05, 22:37
Uighur vs Uyghur

Uigur is Not just another romanization of huihe! The word Uygur means easily uniting and this is clearly turkic word! --Anon

Edit the text directly so people know the correct formation. For example, what is the origin of the name "Uygur" and how it became the name of a race ?.User:kt2

There are 30,000 Google entries for "Uyghur" and 101,000 for "Uighur". Why was this name changed? RickK 00:47, 17 May 2004 (UTC)

The spelling "Uyghur" better reflects the phonology and Turkic orthographies of the Uyghur language. The spelling "Uighur" is not possible in Uyghur or in most of Turkic languages because it breaks the rules of vowel harmony. Most of the websites expressly dedicated to Uyghur issues use the "y" spelling; the "i" is a legacy spelling of different origin. "Uyghur" is the correct spelling, even if it doesn't get the most Google hits. Finally, the "Uighur", "Uygur" and "Uigur" article names should be properly redirecting to these article names now, and these alternate spellings are provided at the top of the various "Uyghur" articles. - Gilgamesh 01:04, 17 May 2004 (UTC)
To Gilgamesh - I would say original Uighur spelling as well as Turkic phonology and orthography is not an argument in _English_ part of Wikipedia. Otherwise chinese language should be put under kanji-named article and English word "chinese" should be put as a Variant. As far as I know and simple web serch confirms it "Uighur", not "Uyghur", is most common spelling in English. As I did for many other languages, I would propose to have most common i.e. "Uighur" variant as Article name and put other spelling as variants. Uighur (Uighur Latin and all other Uighurs if available) spelling can be put after English one together with chinese one. User:Vassili Nikolaev 2004-aug-27

Ignorance of the standard English usage is no excuse. --Wetman 19:21, 9 Nov 2004 (UTC)
All four spellings are used in English pages, but The spelling with "y" is preferred by Uyghurs themselves who write in English. There is no one standard spelling for English, but four, all of which are acceptable in Standard English of any country. In this case I yield respect to the ethnic group's own preference when speaking English. Besides, most news sites, etc. that I have found mentioning the Uyghurs know little about them. If they live in "China", most people would assume they are "Chinese", when they are not, so they aren't in a good position to make the judgments about spellings they know little about. They are "Uyghur", "Uighur", "Uygur" and "Uigur", but "Uyghur" is most proper, just as "Hawai‘i" is more proper than "Hawaii", and "Turkistan" is more proper than "Turkestan". That's just the way it is. - Gilgamesh 04:34, 10 Nov 2004 (UTC)