View Full Version : China is biggest threat to world...

22-07-09, 08:31
China is biggest threat to India:

Biggest threat to Europe:

Most of all, China is the biggest threat to Russia as China claims whole Eastern half of the Russia as their land including Sakhalin, Kamqatka all the way to Ikaterinburg.

The Russian leadership is really incompetent as they don't know/ignore this and instead focusing on agonizing the Islamic world, Turks and Arabs whom they are the rupport during the entire cold war(they supported all the Islamic countries and had very close ties back then).

They also supported Uyghurs during the 2nd world war and before....

If this going on, entire eastern half of Russian empire will be eaten by Chinese in 2-3 decades as the Chinese are already outnumbers Russians 1 to 3 in the Eastern half of Russia which they call as BeiHaiSheng...