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It sounds like the Uyghurs are always spotted at strange places, but it just shows how the life of the Uyghurs are like, since long time ago.

Stealing Uyghur children by the Han existed during that time too, for the most strange reason. But this is not all.

17-07-09, 13:53
I do not blieve he was sold by his parents. He must have been taken by force by the government keep the spy game going. His parents could not nothing if the government wanted him for the good of the "motherland", especially in those crazy cultural revolution. In any case, they must have been given some money or other benefits. Since they were not likely to have any choice, it could be considered "selling". Uyghurs simply do not sell their kids no matter what happens.
Poor Bernard, his live was stolen by the evil Chinese. I feel his loneliness and pain. I hope he has put the bad memories behind and moved on with life. He is just another Uyghur victim of the evil Chinese.
I watched the movie some time ago. It is a good movie. I did not realize it has a Uyghur connection.