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16-07-09, 16:29
This article is such a joke that I should actually not waste my precious time on it. However, to give you an idea how Chinese press longs for the understanding of the former master of genocide, I briefly tell you. Here, for example, amongst many such articles, is a piece that writes about Erdogan`s genocide statement.
China wants him to take back this statement...
Hej, gosh, I really should better keep on with my work instead of wasting my time with such incredible shite...
Ok, in the next paragraph then, where, whoever wrote that article made a spelling mistake, they say that the Urumqi demonstration was initiated by seperatists abroad...
bla bla bla...
we know this already...
Then the usual Chinese attampt to present Uyghurs as a minority in China...
bla bla bla...
And the paragraph I liked best is this:
"In Wirklichkeit haben sich die Uiguren in den vergangenen drei Jahrzehnten im ganzen Land ausgebreitet, um ihr Glück zu suchen. Es ist die Wirtschaftsreform, die eine solche Migration möglich gemacht hat."
I am translating:
"In reality, the Uyghurs have spread throughout the entire country during the last three (!) decades in order to search for prosperity (direct translation = "for their luck"). It is the economic reform that makes such migration possible."
So, what China is probably referring to are such georgeous creations like me, namely a child of a Turkish guest-worker. They obviously try to make Germans associate Uyghurs=Turkish guest workers, who came to Germany after WW II.
Uyghurs=same minority as your Turkish guest-workers.
Now, I hope that many many Chinese spies read this, of course. Otherwise I would not have bothered to write this post. Now, me, for example, I am so tremendously great that the German foreign service invited me to try the highest foreign service career possible.
You Chinese, you think that Germans are Nazis who`d support you in your aim to wipe out the Uyghurs. Your newspaper articles read like old Stalin propaganda or similar.
They are so funny one should collect them and publish a book.

16-07-09, 17:14
Teerjime kilip koysanglar boptiken!!