View Full Version : SILER MENGGU HAYAT /Never shall you die!/ WETEN,HELIQ DIGEN UYGHURLAR Olmes

15-07-09, 19:55
BY: Hajinur Uyghur

No, never shall you die,
even when your soul abandons the body.
No, you have not died,
for we still hear you from heart.

As longs as your ideas, your words survive,
you also survive, no, never shall you die.
This battle has no ended yet,
and neither have you.

You did not accomplish all,
but your accomplishments were many.
Your voice will be heard.

Your dreams will not die,
the battle will not end,
never shall the battle end,
not till the blue flag waves.

Who die for his nation,
who die for his people,
who die for freedom ,
will never die at heart.

Today we hear your songs,
When tomorrow comes we will not forget.
As we will with all good things,
we will carry you at heart always.