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15-07-09, 10:03
Cruel China, Miserable Uyghur and Disabled World

By Uyghur Oghlu

It is an undeniable fact that Uyghur people have suffered tremendously under the Chinese communist regime over the past 60 years. The destruction and tragedy that China has imposed on Uyghurs is no less than the holocaust that the fascist Germany committed against innocent Jews people. Although the nature of China's oppression of Uyghurs has been static prior to "9.11", the scale and intensity of it have been widended and acclerated after "9.11".

Seven years ago from today, although there is a day and light, Earth and Mars differences between the way of Uyghur life and lunatic Al-Qaida and Taliban Maniacs, Richard Armitage declared in Bejing that "ETIM", a fake organization that Uyghurs have never heard of as a terrorist organization. The opportunistic Chinese communist leaders took advantage of this, began to categorically demonize the Uyghur people as terrorists or terror suspects. Needless to say, US listing of so-called "ETIM" has played a catalyst role for China to oppress Uyghurs even harsher. With that declaration, the United Stated of America which stands for as a beacon of hope for oppressed people, and only one country on earth that can tremble the dictators in China and around the globe has sold out its core value, and debased its image among the oppressed people. Having won their jackpot from US, China attacked Uyghurs in every dimension of life.

Let's not talk about the innocent Uyghurs killed during the various political campaigns directed at Uyghurs since 1949.

Let's not talk about the untimely deaths of thousands of poor Uyghurs who without knowing what the cause of their diseases due to China's numerous atomic bomb tests in Uyghur Land since 1960.

Let's not talk about the mental and physical deaths of kind and naive uyghur women whose babies were aborted in an abject condition due to forced abortion.
Let's talk about how China increased its oppression of uyghurs since "9..11";
In violation of their own constituion and Autonomus Regional Law, China restricted Uyghur culture. Uyghur lanuguage was forbidden to teach at schools, and Mandarin was forced on Uyghur Children when they were in kindergarden. Uyghur teachers, and government staff were laid off due to insuffient Chinese language, where it is not needed at all. Uyghur government workers were forced to shave off their symbol of manhood - moustaches and beards and fined or reprimanded them for going to the mosque or attending the burial rituals. Uyghur youth who were found jogging or doing physical exercise were questioned for their motive of their increasing physical strength. Since 2006, hundreds and thousand of young and beautiful Uyghur girls were transferred to China's coastal regions in the name of employment. These girls' age range from 14-22 and are at the best of their reproductive age. Due to the revelation of this political campaign and subsequent international inquiry on this campaign, Wang le quan and his puppet Nur Bekri began to transfer young and able Uyghur men to the coastal region to cover their motive. Those young Uyghurs literaly were turned into modern slaves working for a dime per hour. Uyghurs who protested these policy were imprisoned at best, and executed at the worts, despite international organizations' criticism of China's human rights record. The local Chinese officials have turned Uyghur land which located in Central Asia into a "new concentration camp" in 21th century with Chinese caracteristics.

Uyghurs complained, screamed and cried, but no government dared to say anything to China.

As if these misery were not enough for uyghurs, Newt Ginggrich and Rush Limbaugh took sides with Communst China and demonized Uyghurs. what a dirty lap dancing?

Three things have happened recently in Uyghur life and it reminded us the cruelty of China, misery of uyghurs, and impotency of the world.

Listen world, you are semi-deaf. you heard the "calling" from Iran, and mourned the death of innocent girl - "Neda". but you have not heard the cry of uyghurs. Uyghurs started to cry louder since May'2009, when a 33 year old Chinese beast surnamed Zhao, a primary school language teacher who was recruited by government to teach Uyghur pupils in the historical Uyghur city of Yarkand- were discovered to have had sexually assaulted more than a dozen innocent Uyghur girls whose age ranges 8-11 old. For his unforgivable crime, he was protected by the school principal Liu Yu Mei, and along with other local Chinese police. The uyghur parents who demanded him be punished harshly were intimitated, discouraged.

Hello Chinese people, Hello parents in the world, don't you have kids? what were you do, if that happens to your children?

The second incident happened in Shao guan, Guangdong. The victims are 800 Uyghur young workers, of whom most were female. They were brought there by the intimidation and deception of so-called ineffective Autonomous Regional Government in mid-June of 2009. On June 26th, thousands of Chinese gangsters in Shaoguan attacked these young Uyghurs who were unaware of the death was falling on them. Any normal person with a human heart who sees the video distributed by the Chinese themselves will be furious at the crulety of those Chinese. In it, Uyghurs who were attempting to escape the Chinese terrorists were beaten to death. The more enraging fact is that the Chinese police did not come on time, and delayed protection of these innocent Uyghurs who were the victims of Wang Le quan's terror policy. As a result, a number of them died, and many of them were severely injured. I could not believe that Chinese people would show such cruelty toward Uyghurs who have done nothing wrong and happened to be their fellow citizens. Later, it turned out that these Chinese terrorists were instigated by a rumor made by another dissatisfied Chinese factory worker.
Poor Uyghurs, poor and soulless Chinese.

Had the police protected these innocent victims at the time, and Wang le quan or Nur Bekri flew to Guang Dong and paid attention to Uyghurs' pain, things would not have gotten this bad. The incoming tragedy must have been averted. I have the sympathy for the victims of Nanking massacre, and hate those war criminals, and I thought Chinese were better than those war criminals. but not anymore. In that video, holding the metal rods and other violent tools, shouts the Chinese: "Kill the Uyghurs, Kill them all!", and they raise their hands with pride and sense of victory each time an Uyghur falls. Did they think these Uyghurs came from Japan?

I did not forget that Chinese internet police has built the strongest online great wall to serve their national interest. I thought that unity comes from equality, and I believed that equality, unity and harmony among ethnic groups would make China stronger and greater. Having seen that video, I am convinced that Chinese descended to evilness, and Chinese people don't care about their image in the interconnected world. And they want to stay forever selfish and cruel as third class world citizens by trading the greatness with their surging nationalism. What a expensive trade, and what a high price to pay?

It must be noted that nationalism is a double edge sword. I worry that it hurts all parties involved. immediately after Shao guan massacre, young Chinese vented their anger toward Uyghurs, and instigated other Chinese to wipe out Uyghurs from the face of earth. I am surprised that when and how they began to share Ahmadi Nijad's idiology that "wipe out those whom you don't like". Some Chinese netizens even recommended government carry out a holocaust against Uyghurs. Until this day, I did not know that Chinese internet police along with Chinese netizens share the same feeling and would openly adore Adolf Hitler. "China needs Adolf Hitler, slaughter these Uyghur pigs", some Chinese netizens commented. May Almighty forbid that one of these fanatics will become the President of China in the future. If that happens, the possibility that he will turn the world into ashes will increase..

The holocaust that happened in the last century was a stain and shame that humanity can't and should not erase easily. It must be remembered to forewarn the present and future generations who may like to taste the blood of others.

Reports came out since yesterday that Uyghur students were suppressed by the Chinese military and we don't know how many Uyghurs died in Urumqi as of now. We also saw that incompetent governor, Nur Bekri finally gave an explanation about Shao Guan Massacre. Although he twisted the facts, he was late. Wang le quan and Nur Bekri could have easily prevented Urumqi massacre by taking a just and humble approach. But they showed the true face of blood thirsty dictators. We don't know what is going on in Urumqi now. It was also reported that Chinese civilians and semi-military population in Bing Tuan were armed themselves, organized and began to attack innocent people as long as they are Uyghurs. I doubt that Chinese state television will show the Uyghur victims of Chinese attack to the visiting foreign press.
Yes, all this happened and happening now in Urumqi, the capital of an ethnic Autonomous Region that China's constitution granted.

I am very shocked to find out that the world is much disabled than I imagined. The images show that Chinese in Urumqi is carrying out ethnic cleansing with the protection of Chinese Army and the Police. The world is not seeing it and could not see it. But they saw it when it happened in Darfur, Even George Clooney saw it. Fareed Zakaria saw it when it happened to Tibetans. Bill Clinton saw it when it happened to Kosovar people. And the world spoke out on behalf of all of them.

But now? They are all deaf and blind.

Whom do we expect some kind of humantarian gesture, a kind of ethical response to this incident?

By biologically defined marks, Uyghurs were related to Turks. Did not we hear from them? yes, we did. We heard that Turkish Authorities entrusted Chinese justice System standing in line with Beijing. Abdulla Gul must have been well received in Zhong nan hai.
It is useless to mention the independent Turkic states in Central Asia. They have a history of harming Uyghurs at the request of Beijing, because they can get benefits from China. Our neighbor, Pakistan and its army also have the history of killing or extraditing Uyghurs per Beijing's demand. The former Pakistani dictator- president Musharrap (May god curse him forever) was the first head of a sovereign government that accused Uyghurs of terrorsim without evidence, just to please Jiang Ze min.

Yes, I emphasize that the majority of Uyghurs were muslims, therefore it is natural to observe other muslim countries' attitude toward Uyghurs.
Syria has expelled Axmatjan Osman, a famous uyghur poet whose wife is Syrian, because China asked her to do so.
Neither Saudi king nor other so-called protectors of Islam has uttered a word on Chinese persecution of Uyghur muslims. China and these muslim states lick each other's lips as they think they have a common enemy - The West and Democracy. That leaves Uyghurs with some China-wary democratic western countries and although small but beautiful, kind and couragous great states like Albania, Bermuda and Palau..

I believe Uyghurs who are good at businesses remember those transactions. Believe me we will give the due credit when time comes to those who helped us in times of great diffuclty and do the same to those who had done the worst to us.

Hello world, have you lost your senses? something horrible must be happening in Uyghur land now. Please speak up!! What you do for Uyghurs today, will be your doings for yourself in tomorrow!
Please ask the United Nations, The United States and The European Union send an independent, impartial delegation to Urumqi, and have them investigate this massacre!.
Where are you, Spanish Judge? Wang le quan is committing genocidal crime aganist Uyghurs.

Hello Texas, Can you ask George W. Bush, if he still remembers by his statement that the United States Government stands by oppressed people. As a former president , his words still carries some weight.

Finally America, and freedom loving American people, can you please tell President Obama that Uyghurs can't expect an audacious hope for their freedom from him, but only craving a tiny ray of hope for their basic human rights???

A. Birlik
15-07-09, 13:39
Salam Uyghur Oghlu,

Sizge kop rehmet.

Bu maqalingiz intayin yahshi yeziliptu. Buning kishlerni qayil qilish, tesirlendurush we chaqiriq qilish roli intayin zor. Bu maqale, Uyghur helqning 60 yillardin buyan tartip kelgen zulumi, bolupmu 2001-yildin kiyin we bu qetimqi qirghinchiliq weqelerni qisqa, emma, nahahite kuchliuq we chushunushluk sozler bilen oturgha qoyupsiz, hem putun dunyagha adalet we insaniyetlik zadi qeyerde, Uyghurlargha mushundaqmu adaletsizlik bolamdu digen sualni qoyupsiz.

Emdi mehsetge kelsem, eger siz yene biraz waqit chiqirip, maqalining mezmunini kemeytmigen asasda biraz qisqartsingiz, buni bundin kiyinki Helq aralarda elip beriwatqan namahishlar we teshwiqat paaliyetlirizde bir olchemlik teshwiqat matiriyali qilip keng kolemde tarqatsaq deymen. Chunki bugunki kunde, mushundaq bir yuquri sewiyelik bir teshwiqat yazma matiriyalni omumi teshwiqat matiriyali qilip ishlitish bizning intayin cheklik bolghan teshwiqatlirimiz uchun intayin mohim.

Bolsa, dunyaning herqasi jaylirida yashawatqan, Englische we shu dowletlerning edibi tilini yahshi bulidighnan wetendashlarning bu maqalini terjime qilip, hem buni barliq Uyghur media we metbualirimizgha selip qoyishini soraymen.

Alla Uyghur Millitige Kuch Qudiret bersun

Mehmet tohti
15-07-09, 13:55
Mezkur maqalining mening email sanduqumgha kelgilnige bir heptidek boldi.
men kelgen emailgha jawap yezip mezkur maqalining aptoridin "bu maqalini ilan qelish ijaziti" sorighan idim. hazirghiche jawap berilmidi. mezkur maqala "Uyghur perzenti" digen qelem ismi bilen qelemge elinghan iken.

shunglashqa kopchilikning diqqitige shu peti teqdim qildim. ozgertidighan, qisqartidighan jayliri bar bolsa maqalining esli aptorining qilghini texi yaxshi.

15-07-09, 16:05
Your article spoke out what uyghurs'thought, There is much logic in what you said.This is the best artical about uyghuy I've red so far. I will recommend this artical to my all of friends.
Thank you agin for this article!!!

16-07-09, 12:10
terjime qilidighan hichkim yoqmidur

16-07-09, 13:31
An excellent piece.

Please let me know at freeuyghur@yahoo.com if you're interested in publishing this.


16-07-09, 13:51
As long as you can at least counterattack with even deadlier results, the world will pay attention to you... including your enemies... now, enemy has the power and you are a sheep... they can do whatever they want... Sad, yes, but it is true and it is a fact...

Mehmet tohti
16-07-09, 13:55
Ilan qiliwiring menche.

chunki aptordin peqet xewer kelmigen bolghachqa men ozi ishletken isim boyiche "Uyghur Oghli" dep ilan qildim.

men manga kelgen emailgha koplep email yazdim likin jawapqa erishmidim. likin aptor bu yazmining ilan qelinishini mendin telep qilghan idi.

email manga towendiki adristin kelgen iken:

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(Yazghuchi: Oz xelqini soyguchi Uyghur Oghli)

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You are not alone. You have me and many others on your side. I have sent your writing to friends in Germany, Turkey, Britain, Israel and Trinidad & Tobago.

16-07-09, 16:52
Thank you for sending this. Please my uyghur brothers and sisters, sending this to your freinds as much as you can.