View Full Version : More efficient (media) work!

14-07-09, 19:02
Hej, folks, you need to do better media work. Here, for example, is a list of newspapers worldwide: http://www.worldpress.org/gateway.htm

There are masses of such lists in the internet.

You should also write to governments in the world, e.g. their ministry of foreign affairs. You find their contacts in the net.

AND (!) do not make the mistake and agree to being a minority in China! Don`t let yourself brainwash.

You are the Uyghurs of East-Turkistan. You solely need international help and recognition now in order to save your country and get the Han-Chinese out.

Don`t allow Chinese to steal your resources. Offer free exploitation to the USA, or another state that you like (!), in return for helping you to liberate and set up a functioning Uyghur government in East-Turkistan.