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12-07-09, 09:57
July Fifth 2009, the bloody end of the Uyghur student’s peaceful protest already proved the incapable approaches of local government of Xin Jiang and central government of China to the incident that had taken place last week in Urumqi. After the Chinese Government successfully blocked all the media communication tools such as the internet and telecommunication media, they started on their agenda and try to prove the group of protesters were actually Uyghur mob killers and now their propaganda finds another excuse that the protesters was not properly authorized by city police, therefore the government’s logic is that the protest was illegal; of course this is quite a nuisance. The tensions between Han and Uyghur people in China lasted back for decades, and the central government never seriously considered the root of problem in Xin Jiang. Now the Xin Jiang local government slogans are to severely punish those who were called Uyghur mob killers by Chinese government. The government may be correct in thinking it is that the severe punishments for those mob killers could solve tensions between Uyghur and Han people. It reminds me the well known Keyum Shorka’s story who was beaten to death by Chinese police few years before in Bei Jing. By story, the Keyum Shorka was a well known Uyhgur mafia who had thousands followers in China, it was a real threat in China once upon a time, and if anyone gets named by it, very immediately that one gets quite for very long time. I heard a story that Keyum’s father always prayed for God; it is only that God blessed Keyum, because Keyum was everything for him and it was his father’s wish that Keyum was to be alive forever. But now, if Chinese government goes harder and harder punishments for Uyghur protesters, then every Uyghurs might start to pray for God, they might need thousands of Keyum and the God should create them the thousands of Keyum. By then it leads to another problem, and then the Chinese cities go to the Dark Age. I am praying for God now. The Chinese government should not deploy a strong man’s attitude toward the Uyghur people. That attitude could cost millions of Uyghur lives and that attitude could cost hundred times more of Chinese lives too. Perhaps, as of now, the Chinese cannot imagine this talk because it is believed that you are now strong and you are now growing, but the Chinese should deploy a more tolerable attitude toward the Uyghur people, and there is even a time for the Chinese government to start thinking about partial territorial independence demanded from the Uyghur people.
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