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10-07-09, 10:35

Free Uyghur
10-07-09, 11:01
A friend of mine wrote this comment to the author of the above article:

Thank you for speaking out about the nature of the US abandonment of Uighurs

You were especially apt to point out the hypocrisy among American conservatives, who indeed, are more jingoistic than conservative. But from a practical point of view, liberals have done just as little.

What is needed now is some impassive and objective description and analysis of Han Chinese racism. It is a strong cultural force, often mixed with, or disguised as nationalism, and people in the West either won't acknowledge it, or do not want to offend the now-powerful Chinese. But it is real, and institutionalized. The Uighurs are its most visible victims, and the discrimination against them is a combination of racial and cultural.

You should hear how [white] Silicon Valley engineers talk when they hear, "Oh, that's a Chinese company..."
The silence is deafening. Pride, and a generation and a half of political correctness, hide, and mute discussion about the racial discrimination in high technical circles in Silicon Valley.

Many Chinese view competition with the West in racial terms. Perhaps my viewpoint is extreme. But the phenomenon is real, and the faster it can be gotten into the public discourse, the sooner we can be done with it. Do we want this to take two generations, or four?

10-07-09, 12:12
Then Uyghur already independent

10-07-09, 12:16
Manmu shundak oylayman, ager Uyghurlar hirstan dinha itkt kilhan bolsa allakachan azat bolatti, weyaki buketim azat bollati.