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Hajinur Uighur
09-07-09, 20:16
The Uyghurs’ Plea

Imagine having a stranger break into your home one day. Immediately the stranger kills your grandparents. He instills fear into you and demands that you obey his every command. Hours pass by, the day passes by, and even months pass by- time does not linger to aid you. Imagine being caged in your own home by the vile monster who terrorizes your family every moment of the day. You cannot fight him-he has a gun with fast bullets. You cannot report him to the police-they will not listen, and even if you could make them believe, they will not act. You cannot run towards the court for help- the stranger has “connections”. YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE IN FEAR.
The stranger invades your home threatening your life every single moment. He vandalizes your home- it is no longer “Home Sweet Home.” He has created a hellhole out of your house. He spends the money your parents make, he eats the food you and your parents cook, and he breathes down on your neck wanting more. You have become a slave in your own home. This inhumane stranger beats your family brutally. All is pain. THERE IS NOT AN HOUR THAT GOES BY WITHOUT BLOOD AND TEARS. You are alone. You are hurt. HOPE IS YOUR ONLY FRIEND.
One day your parents break their silence. They have had enough. THEY WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE THE TERROR. They will no longer allow the monster to feed on their children. THEY WANT THEIR HOME BACK. You want your home back. Your parents inform the villain that they will no longer tolerate the inhumane conditions. They tell him: LEAVE OUR HOME!
The beast beats your parents in front of your eyes. He torments the human beings you love. And finally he delivers bullets to their chests. The monster dares to smile as you cry drenched in your parent’s blood. You tug at your parents arms, you hug them close, you SCREAM , hoping and praying that somehow you will revive them from their eternal sleep.
THE POLICE ARRIVE. You cry your eyes out, you plead, you beg them to rescue from the vicious beast. But the stranger points his blaming finger at you. HE IS POWERFUL. HE IS FILTHY RICH. He is as mendacious as he is evil. He points at the scarcely raw skin on his fists and charges you of assault. He had acquired those scrapes on his knuckles when he had beaten your parents to a helpless state. HOW DARE HE ACCUSE THE INNOCENT. But then again the stranger is powerful.
You are now among the living dead. If you are to revive, you must free yourself from the demon or perish in the pursuit of liberty. WHAT GOOD IS LIFE IF IT MUST BE LIVED IN TERROR?
People are beginning to listen to you. For a few seconds your voice is heard. NOW, the stranger has caged you, he is trying to BREAK you. But you must fight, you must live, you must take back your home. YOU MUST SAVE YOUR FRIEND “HOPE”.


This might sound like a nightmare to you but to the Uyghurs this is reality. For over 6 decades they have been living in torment. They have been robbed out of every right a human should posses. Their history has been erased from the texts, their culture is suffering from the dragon’s fiery breath, and their very lives are threatened every single moment of their lives. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THERE IS ANOTHER NATION OF PEOPLE AMONG HUMANITY WHO ARE SUFFERING AS MUCH AS THE UIGHURS. Their babies are killed in their wombs, their children are brainwashed by communists, their sons and daughters are being abducted into the destiny of slaves, and their lives are crumbling from the blow of China’s fists. These people have suffered in prisons- waiting for someone to give them a voice. These people have endured the hate that the strangers in their homes have delivered them. They have been assaulted an humiliated in their own homes. Their tongues have been cut off, their hearts have been pierced with painful arrows, their organs have been ripped out of their living body and sold, and their future is struggling to survive.

The Uyghurs have had enough of China’s terror. UYGHURS WANT AN END TO THIS GENOCIDE. The murder of their nation can no longer be tolerated. EASTERN TURKISTAN MUST ONCE MORE BE HER OWN. The Uyghurs can no longer be slaves to China. The strangers must leave our home. THE DRAGON MUST RETURN TO HIS OWN CAVE. The TERROR MUST BE STOPPED. The world needs to listen to the cries of the Uyghurs. They must aid this battle against Genocide and Terrorism. THE KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR MUST SAVE THE INNOCENTS.

This is a plea for aid. If it is true that the principles of justice are still strong then it is our duty as human beings to uphold these principles. No longer can we turn a blind eye. It is time to break this silence. It is time for JUSTICE. If you have ever loved or cared for another human being, then find it in your heart to come to the aid of these innocent Uyghurs. This is not merely about the Uyghurs, this is about HUMANITY. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY HAVE BEEN COMMITTED. The perpetrators must be bought to justice. Peace and liberty must be restored to Eastern Turkistan.
This is a plea from one human being to another. GIVE US OUR LIBERTY, OUR PEACE, and OUR FUTURE.