View Full Version : Turkey calls for boycott of Chinese goods

09-07-09, 11:31

Turkey calls for boycott of Chinese goods

Turkey's industry and trade minister on Thursday called on Turks to stop buying Chinese goods to protest the ethnic violence in Xinjiang

Nihat Ergun's office said the minister asked Turks to boycott Chinese-made goods but that government had no plans for an official boycott.

``Let's check to see whether the country whose products we are consuming respects humanity,'' the minister said during a visit to the central province of Yozgat, according to the private Dogan News Agency.

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc accused Chinese militia forces of hunting down minority Muslim Uighurs.

Turks have close ethnic and cultural bonds to the Uighurs and Turkey has been vocal in its criticism of China despite growing economic ties to China. Arinc put the number of Uighurs based in Turkey at around 300,000.

``Now both the Chinese army is occupying the streets and militia called the Han Chinese, armed with batons and lethal instruments, are hunting down for Uighurs,'' Arinc said. ``They are raiding homes, taking away children and women and there are a great number of deaths.''

``Unfortunately China, with its economic power, its influence and its power over world politics, is trying to cover up these incidents,'' Arinc said.

Arinc said he wanted China to investigate the events in a way ``that will not damage relations between China and Turkey.'' He said Turkey was prepared to help in the investigation.

The rioting, sparked by a brawl between Uighur and Han Chinese factory workers, began Sunday and also left more than 1,000 injured.

Uighurs beat Han — members of the majority ethnicity in China — and torched their shops and cars. After security forces quelled the riots, vigilantes on both sides attacked people in the regional capital Urumqi.

It was not known how many Uighurs and Han Chinese died. Turkish media and pro-Uighur associations however, have suggested that most of the victims were Uighurs, triggering daily protests outside Chinese diplomatic missions in Turkey. Several lawmakers have resigned from a Chinese-Turkish parliamentary friendship group in protest.