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09-07-09, 09:51
10:00 Ethnic Tensions in China

More than one hundred fifty people have died as ethnic tensions rise in western China. A panel joins Diane to discuss what's behind the violence and the challenge it presents to China's leadership.


Shai Oster, correspondent for The Wall Street Journal and The Wall Street Journal Asia

John Pomfret, editor, Washington Post's Outlook section and author of "Chinese Lessons: Five Classmates and the Story of the New China"

Cheng Li, senior fellow and research director at the Brookings Institution's John L. Thornton China Center, a director of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, and the author of "China's Changing Political Landscape."

Nury Turkel, attorney; past president, the Uyghur American Association

Baodong Wang, spokesman and press counselor for the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C.

09-07-09, 11:24
Dear Mr. Turkel

Could you please let me know { at which channel that show would be}

Best Regards,

09-07-09, 11:34
I tried to find it. It must be on this site: http://wamu.org/programs/dr/ but I couldn't find where the audio file is.

09-07-09, 11:38
nuri turkel ependim bugunki Diane rehm ning programisida bek yahxi jawap berdi