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08-07-09, 16:25
Huge security presence continues in Urumqi


Wednesday July 08 2009

A huge security presence is in place in the western Chinese city of Urumqi today amid fears of further ethnic violence.

Yesterday, groups of Han Chinese men wielding sticks and meat cleavers rampaged through the streets, attacking ethnic Uighurs and their business premises.

The violence appeared to be revenge for rioting on Sunday in which Uighur protestors attacked Han Chinese civilians and businesses.

The Chinese authorities say 156 people were killed in the riot.

Spokespeople for the international Uighur community accused the security forces of triggering the violence by attacking peaceful protestors.

Last night, a curfew was imposed in Urumqi in an effort to reduce tensions, which have been simmering in recent years due to a massive influx of Han Chinese immigrants into the mainly Muslim region Xinjiang region.