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W.P. Carey "Uighur Human Rights" Thursday, September 22, 2005

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute

W.P. Carey Forum

"Uighur Human Rights"

Rebiya Kadeer, prominent Uighur businesswoman jailed for five years by China

Thursday, September 22

1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, The Rome Auditorium

Chinese authorities released Rebiya Kadeer from prison in March of this year on medical parole, after she had served much of her eight year prison sentence for "illegally giving state information across the border." A prominent Uighur businesswoman and grandmother, Ms. Kadeer had helped create the "Thousand
Mothers Movement," promoting rights of ethnic minority women and creating employment opportunities for them, which was launched in her department store in Urumchi. She had been a member of the Chinese delegation to the 1997 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing and of an advisory body to the Chinese National Peoples Congress. She was arrested in August 1999 as she was attempting to meet a group of congressional staff members and was sentenced in March 2000 to eight years (reduced to seven years in 2004) for providing foreigners with "state information" -- copies of publicly available newspapers
of Xinjiang which she sent to her husband in the United States. In a press conference last month the Communist Party Secretary of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region accused her of engaging in "terrorist and secessionist" activities after her release.

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