View Full Version : Does Turkey again expecting something from Chinese on Uighur blood in Urumchi ?

06-07-09, 13:14
Turkey wants responsibles to be found in incidents in Urumqi

Turkey wanted the responsible people to be found as soon as possible and justice to be served regarding the incidents in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in China.

Turkish Foreign Ministry stated on Monday that Turkey felt sorry that over 140 people were killed and 800 others were injured in the riots which erupted in Urumqi --the capital of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in the northwestern China yesterday.

The ministry said that Turkey was expecting the people --who were responsible from the incidents to occur-- to be found as soon as possible and justice was served.

The ministry also expressed belief that necessary measures would be taken to prevent such incidents to happen in the future in China which was becoming a stable and prosperous country.

Turkey offered condolence to the relatives of the victims.

Over 140 people were killed and 800 others were injured in the riots which followed Sunday's peaceful demonstrations protesting a fight between Uighur and Han Chinese workers at a toy factory late June. Two Uighur workers had been killed in the strife.

Urumqi is in the Uighur Autonomous Region that has a population of over 21 million. Nearly 11 million Uighurs, Mongols and Huis live in the region.

Töwendiki hewer BBC betidin:

消息*出之后,大约200名示威者前往 *国驻荷兰大使馆抗议,示威者还向大 馆投掷石块。


土耳其外交部则发表简*声明说,希 *国能够尽快逮捕肇事者,将其绳之 法。

声明还表示,土耳其相信在*国逐渐 为"稳定和繁荣"的国家时,*国会采取必要措施避免 演类似的事故重演。

06-07-09, 14:26
I hope theheavy handed way the Uighurs are being treated stops soon.

In the 80s I visited Urumqi with a group of Europeans, the Uighurs were wonderful people who treated our group with respect and were very gracious hosts to us. Our cultural and religious differences were never an issue. I will always remember that visit as an enchanting trip.

They were wonderful people and my heart goes out to them now . Good luck Uighurs!