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06-07-09, 04:12
The Dark Days of Uyghurs
Eight hundred Uyghur Youth, from Kashgar Konashahar county of East Turkistan (in Chinese: Xinjiang Kashi Diqu Shufuxian), were forcefully taken to Xuri Toy Factory in Guangdong province by the Chinese authorities early this year. They were innocent and peaceful Uyghur boy and girl farmers.
At about 12:30 mid-night, thousands of Han Chinese workers attacked those Uyghurs, who were sleeping, with steel bars and tubes, axes and knives. The brutal attack continued till 6:00 am. As a result, at least 50 Uyghur people were killed and hundreds were seriously injured.
The Chinese authorities had taken no action to stop the violence until the next morning. Four hundred of the Uyghurs were able to escape and now hiding in an unknown hotel. Whereabouts of other 400 Uyghurs have not been known.
It was reported that hundreds of cleaners spent 2 hours to wash away the blood.
June 5, 2009, Uyghur students in the Urumqi protested against Han Chinese brutality in Guangdong and asked for the government to investigate and find out the criminals. The protest was repressed brutally and it was reported that 140 people were killed and more 800 were injured. We can estimate that the real figure is much higher than that. The Chinese army shot at any Uyghur crowd at the street in Urumqi. This might be the Chinese government’s systematic plan for wiping Uyghurs out of the Earth.