View Full Version : Five Uighurs 'don't want' resettlement in Palau

22-06-09, 09:55

22-06-09, 13:49
Do they want to go back to China or wat to stay in prison? The US government is trying to find a place to resettle them but they want to stay longer time in prison that is interesting.

Thier action may show Uyghurs never be satisfied.

22-06-09, 19:02
They did the right thing. Palau not only is far away and isolated, it does not offer citizenship either. That means Guantanamo could be the last place they see outside of Palau for the rest of the their lives. People say it will temperary, but who can be sure? Once the light is out on Guantamo, that could be end of it. Thye could be easily forgotten. They are remembered now not because who they are, but because where they are. It is a nice Island to get away for a holliday for a few weeks. I am sure those guys could use a vacation to put the memory behind. However, once the vacation is over, they will find that unlike a real vacationer they have no life to go back to. Building a new life there would be next to impossible. Because unlike Bermuda, it is a close-knit society where everybody knows everybody and is difficult to be penetrated by outsiders. One or two most outgoing ones might be able to integrate into their comminty but most of them won't.

According to the news on the following link Portugal offered to accept three Uyghurs. It could be three of those five. Portugal is European Union country.


Turdi Ghoja
22-06-09, 21:44
I believe those 5 made the right choice. Even Obama thinks the Palau thing is a joke except it is not funny. Bring them to US is still not off the table. The following article says so on June 12, a day after the 4 guys were transfered to Bermuda and days after the Palau offer was made public.

Last Friday Portugal offered to take 3 detainees. They could be Uyghurs.

Palau arragement really is not a solution.


22-06-09, 22:28
It is good to them being resettled together instead of being sent separately to different countries.
Uyghurs should be smart.