View Full Version : Why pakistan treat's Uyghurs so bad?

15-08-05, 02:51
Pakistan is a bad word in Britain

The third reason is that Islamists themselves have done nothing whatsoever for Palestinians, other than trying to fight Israel to the last Palestinian. Oil-rich and education-poor Arab kingdoms could easily have absorbed the comparatively well-educated Palestinians, but they chose not to do so. Instead of providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, the Islamists use their travails as a lightning-rod to paint a picture of Islam besieged.

This suggests that the pan-Islamist movement may be a political activity intended to expand the borders of Islam, rather than a religious or humane movement. This suspicion is strengthened by the thunderous silence among Islamists about the atrocities visited upon their own in China. Isn't it odd, and telling -- in the sense of Sherlock Holmes' 'curious incident of the dog in the night-time' -- that despite Uighur Muslims being severely oppressed in Xinjiang, there have been no incidents of major terrorist violence in China?

Note, for instance, that every year for the last few years, China has regularly executed more people than the rest of the world put together! And a large fraction of those thus subject to judicial murder are Uighur Muslims and Tibetans. But not a peep has been heard out of the Muslim world. This implies that there is an understanding between the Islamists -- to be specific, the ISI of Pakistan -- and the Chinese.

The ISI, incidentally, comes closest to a Central Command for Islamist terrorism worldwide, as can be seen by their fingerprints on every terrorist action anywhere, as well as their ability to turn the spigot on and off on demand, as seen with China. The Saudis supply the funds and the ISI the brains.

The Chinese have formed a Sino-Islamic axis: they give the ISI goodies such as nuclear weapons and missiles; in return the ISI keeps a lid on the Uighurs. Strange bed-fellows, considering that Islamists usually string up 'godless Communists' from the nearest lamp-post and use their corpses for target practice, as was done to the luckless Najibullah when the triumphant Taliban-ISI entered Kabul.